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Statist Empire Building: Or How To Save A Czar

What do we call an Administration that believes there should be a group of men and women prying into every secret America has – with absolutely no oversight from our elected officials? This practice is one that will have to be rejected by the next elected President–who will come from the Republican or RIGHT side of the divide. This is UN-American and bad policy. It is no surprise that Barack Hussein Obama is ignoring what the media wing of the Democrat Party played up in the bill last week, the bill which would have defunded the Czars he has appointed for his Socialist Party. I find it interesting that those Czars were supposedly leaving anyway and it was no big deal, and yet, here he is doing one of those infamous signing statements that he SWORE he would never do. What Is This, His 50th Signing Statement?

Last week the White House and congressional Democrats and Republicans were involved in intense negotiations over not only the size of the budget for the remainder of the FY2011 budget, and spending cuts within that budget, but also several GOP “riders,” or policy provisions attached to the bill.

One rider – Section 2262 — de-funds certain White House adviser positions – or “czars.” The president in his signing statement declares that he will not abide by it.

The more important question we need to ask:  where is he going to get the funding to pay these little Caesars? Which “stash” will he pull money from? Wonder what he will tell all those people, who thought he would pay their bills, why these rich and powerful Caesars need the money more than the poor do? Yes, that is a question I’d like answered.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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