Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Looking At The Man In The Mirror

I too got a thrill up my leg when Donald Trump started attacking China and OPEC, what American loving individual wouldn’t. I have since of course realized that Donald Trump is just the Superman to Barack Obama’s Joker. You see, every interview I have listened to with The Donald, he is brilliant when it comes to international trade but he loses the fight when he discusses everything else. I wouldn’t expect anything but a brilliant salesman when he talks about that which he knows, I do expect the next President to have more knowledge about the State of the Union. America is hungry for a man or woman who loves their Country more then themselves but Donald Trump has proven he loves Donald Trump more then America. He is a a small minded man, who would dump his money into any pocket that would ensure he could continue doing business as he has for decades He Has Supported The Party That Supports An America That Is Statist. I suppose like a good many of you that when Donald Trump told CNN that he would hold hostage this Country if not chosen in the Republican field by running Independent that your head quickly filled with thoughts of traitor. I know mine did. I don’t worry about that though because I am well aware that Donald Trump will pull from the JFK Democrats who have lost their Party to the Progressive Democrats and really that would hurt the Democrats more then Republicans.

Donald Trump has now of course resorted to trying to revise history and his most pathetic attempt at that is the Obama is the worst President but I said Jimmy Carter was before that. That is not true, he said George W Bush was the worst before he chose Obama. He actually called for impeachment of President Bush, that is pretty damn leftist think there. Donald, Donald, Donald, Everything You Have Ever Said Is Coming To The Forefront

Seriously, the future of the nation hangs in the balance and some morons want to saddle up with a rich, self-promoting, rodeo clown? Please just turn in your voter registration, or join the idiots on the progressive side, now. That’s precisely who you would be helping with this nonsense. It’s times like these when I realize how many truly stupid people on our side we have to drag along to win that worry me the most, politically. There’s no way America has had this many brain injuries in our recent past.

I don’t think people are stupid, just hungry and desperate for a Superman. I pray to God that the right man or woman will announce for the Republican side in the next few months, a person we can all rally behind to save the United States of America. We deserve it, we have earned it and this is probably the last chance to get an actual Conservative who can flip this ship of State around before it sinks!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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