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Jobs? Your Job Is To Become A Ward Of The Government

So the EPA has admitted that which We The People already were well aware of, they take actions which in no way account for killing off jobs for Americans. They don’t give a hoot whether that mining job, that oil rig job is there for you tomorrow, they will shut it down today. They have been given unprecedented powers to stop ingenuity and the progress of the United States of America by the President, who wants you tied to his socialist Federal Government. They want that because if you are suckled to the teat you will ensure he and his brown shirts will have full and total control over “changing” this great and free Country into their European vision Your Next Check Will Be From The Government, Thank You Very Much

The Obama administration has repeatedly said job creation is a top priority, but apparently the memo seems to have missed the bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This became evident when EPA Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus testified Thursday before an Environment and Energy subcommittee hearing that his agency does not take jobs into account when it issues new regulations.

“We have not directly taken a look at jobs in the proposal,” Stanislaus said, referring to a regulation that would govern industries that recycle coal ash and other fossil fuel byproducts.

Coal ash is commonly used to make concrete stronger and longer lasting, make wallboard more durable and improve the quality of roofing shingles.

Stanislaus made his comments in response to questioning by Colorado GOP Rep. Cory Gardner looking into whether the EPA is complying with a recent presidential executive order and considering jobs in its regulatory regime. The EPA issued a April 30, 2010 statement in the appendix of its regulatory impact analysis for proposed regulation under the Resources and Recovery Act (RCRA) of coal ash.

That statement said: “The [regulatory impact assessment] does not include either qualitative or quantitative estimation of the potential effects of the proposed rule on economic productivity, economic growth, employment, job creation or international economic competitiveness.”

They don’t care about you and they damn well don’t care if you feed your family, they care about their small minded global warming agenda. They care to destroy this prosperous and beautiful Country and turn us into a third world nation that is controlled by murderous “leaders”. I look forward to a Conservative President who shuts down the EPA which again is another 70s era federal government control operation and has no place in a FREE America.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy
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