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Ending The Teachers Protection Racket

There never was a need for the Department of Education and the protection it affords both unions and Democrats is reason enough to shut it down. To send money to Washington to launder to back to the States is unacceptable. When the Country is broke and it is broke, the time to end these statist organizations become even more critical. The States know what is best for the children within them and they and they alone should take the tax dollars that go to the Department of Education and spend them as they see fit. This Reason Alone Is Why I Like Rand Paul As A Presidential Candidate

Since 1979 when the Department of Education was created and with the passage of laws regulating education, such as the No Child Left Behind, the result has been an education system where compliance with laws becomes the rule of the day rather than the primary focus being quality education.

While I am not an attorney nor do I profess to understand our Nation’s laws, however confusing and contradictory they may be, I do know that Title 20, U.S. Code regulates education. It is made up of over 75 chapters!

No Child Left Behind is so comprehensive that the Table of Contents alone is 28 pages!

Regulations do not educate children! Teachers and Parents do!

The real issue involved with the creation of the Department of Education involves trust. It implies that parents, teachers, local officials, state officials, and the entire community cannot be trusted to provide quality education for our children and students.

The “Father of the Common School Movement,” Horace Mann (1796-1859), served as the Secretary of the Mass State Board of Education when he successfully argued for “universal public education as the best way to turn the nation’s unruly children into disciplined, judicious republican citizens.” He helped create public schools as we know them today.

Despite his experiences in education at the state level, however, it is interesting to note that when Horace Mann was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1848 he did not introduce one piece of legislation arguing for a federal involvement in education.

Jimmy Carter was the creator of this monstrosity and that alone should be the bellwether of dismantling a government entity. If it could would a flourish be created well with a flourish it can be dismantled. The same could and should be said of Federal Employees unionizing but that is another dispatch.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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