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Tomorrow marks the beginning of Holy Week. During these most holy days, we will contemplate our Lord’s suffering, death, and His resurrection.

Remember that Jesus was fully human in all things but sin and then ponder…

His heartache at Judas’ kiss

The blows to His body as His skin is ripped away

His humiliation as He was spat upon and ridiculed

His pain as a crown of thorns was pressed onto His precious head

The weight of the cross He was forced to carry, while bloody and bruised

His footsteps on the way to His inevitable death

His mixed emotions upon seeing His mother along the way

The nails banged into His precious hands and feet

His thirst as he hung on the cross like a common criminal

His last breath

And then ponder…

That He did all of this because He first loved us. Even when we didn’t love Him back. Even when we could have saved Him and instead we said “Crucify Him.”

How much does He love us? Look at the cross and know.

Can He forgive us who have sinned? Look at the cross and know.

Come to Him and He will run to you.

Have a blessed Holy Week.


takkat | @kberbel
"She could never be a saint, but she thought she could be a martyr if they killed her quick." ~Flannery O'Connor