Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Ammunition found = lost property

During one of the many protests in Madison, WI over Gov. Walker’s Budget Repair Bill, 41 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition (total) were found in several locations around the capital building. Remember, this was at a time when the protesters were carrying signs “targeting” Walker and the Republicans for their positions. Detailed death threats had been sent to legislators.
What happened since?
Assistant Attorney General Steven Means of the state Department of Justice says the incident at the Capitol was determined to be a matter of concern but a case was not opened because there wasn’t any evidence that a crime had been committed.
Madison Police spokesman Joel DeSpain echoed that.
“It went down in the Madison Police annals as found property. It’s not a crime to drop bullets,” he said.
Now if this had been a Tea Party Rally…
Remember that these are some of the same people that didn’t do a whole lot to the woman who sent the detailed death threat letters to the Republicans.


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