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Does Life Begin At Perception?

A couple of days ago Mitt Romney announced his intentions regarding the Presidential race of 2012. While his personal ambitions surprised no one I for one am surprised at the reaction received from “liberty” activists that are supporting a statist for President.

A statist? “Isn’t that a harsh word?” You can hear the Romney supporter’s nasal whine.

Statist is the only correct definition I can find for a guy, occupying the governor’s office, who orders you to buy health insurance at the point of a gun. (Ordering someone to buy health insurance during say a stick-up on the other hand would just be weird.)

I know the argument is that in Taxachusetts it is constitutional to rob people in this way. Maybe it is, I don’t know. I wouldn’t have ever asked the question concerning legality and constitutionality because I am not a statist.

Mitt Romney is such a statist and while he currently says what he did as governor is unconstitutional on the federal level we all know that most of his stands are based on polling data. He might become President and re-think this issue just has he rethought the murder-of-unborn-children issue and he might arrive at a different conclusion. Or it might be that he will never change his mind on the ObamaCare issue opting instead to implement some other statist agenda that is as yet unseen.

You see even were he to restrain himself to only constitutional activities, as is the claim regarding RomneyCare, it still leaves open a wide world of what Constitutional, yet statist, things he can do. In order to vote for Romney we must question what statist agenda can be implemented because the founding fathers forgot to block it specifically in the Constitution. Romney is a smart guy, if there is a loophole he will find it.

The short answer is he thinks like a statist seeking leave to impose his statism.

He doesn’t ask, “In a free nation, should I” instead he asks “Can I” and then looks for the loopholes so he can say “YES WE CAN.”

He is a statist.


But can’t he create jobs?

Well first if that is your primary criteria, you are a moron. The Soviet Union had a job for everybody. China has a job for everybody. Yes, maybe Mitt will have a job for everybody too. Heil Mittler;)

Second, his days as a money manager dealt in large part with teaching people how to game the FOREX system, how to Gecko a company, how to dodge taxes, and how to export jobs. AND before the whining starts again I want to make clear I don’t care how Romney made his money and given the current size and scope of government I believe doing anything legal to reduce your taxes is your patriotic duty. However, Romney is no job creating machine. He is just a very wealthy guy who got that way by figuring out a few tricks. Those tricks instead of creating a job, a product, etc. involved bean-counting and other accounting tactics and tax strategies that tended to eliminate jobs or export them overseas. An important part of a healthy economy maybe, but not a job creator.


Does life begin at perception?

My title question. In Mitt Romney’s world it does. You see Mitt sizes up the office he is pursuing and the electorate responsible for getting him there. He does this with pollsters and focus groups and whatever else and then chooses his positions accordingly. He chooses the path he perceives will bring victory.

Running for Governor of Taxachussetts he perceived a pro-life candidate couldn’t win so, whatever his personal feelings, he had his wife donate to Klanned Parenthood and supported a doctor’s right to make a fortune killing the unborn.

Later with his Presidential aspirations fully engaged he sized up the electorate and perceived a pro-abortion candidate would never win the Republican nomination. Viola, pro-life he became after “thinking about it.” One can hear the internal debate within him. Pretty short actually. Mitt thought, “I can’t win as a baby-killer only as a prolife candidate. Well that settles that.” The decision was made with all the heart, soul and calculation used to determine whether a Bain asset would make the most money by keeping a business’s production in the US or moving it offshore. The lives affected were at best a secondary consideration.

For Mitt life does begin at perception.

Your liberty will also be at the mercy of Mitt’s perceptions on how to win re-election or how to move forward his statist agenda.


A father of eight, manager of a small business, concerned American.


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