…well, it seems we have two rules about this, and that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in.

Haystack has a great analysis up about the buried lies in the vote tonight on the Continuing Resolution, now that all the real numbers, and not the ones trumpeted to us last week, have been laid bare.

I especially liked his bottom line:

“…we have but little choice other than to tally the scorecard and look on to the next battle.”

This has been a sore point with a lot of us in fact for the longest time, and that is in understanding the limits of just what we can do, and can’t do about events in Washington. In the end we only have four men there we can vote for. And only once every other year. Once they get there all we can do is tally their totals and wait for the next shot at their job, all the while getting more and more people in our camp.

We spend way too much time venting our spleens about people we have no power over whatsoever, and we often seem to do it in ways that are self-defeating, by 1) running voters away from our cause unnecessarily, and 2) by making rash accusations when we have only about 10% of the facts.

We are all politicians in the sense that we want as many people as possible to join us as we continue to build our army against the Left. Running folks off because of their pink shoe laces, or indifference to conservative issues is wrong.

Reminding everyone of Beasley’s Law, that while we want the most conservative of leaders, our voters do not need to be pure. In fact, in a perfect America, they can’t be.

‘Stack mentioned buried lies in tonight’s CR vote. The truth is, we don’t know and can’t know who knew what, or when. Did Obama & Reid lie to Boehner? I.e., is Boehner that gullible? Or was Boehner & Cantor and others in on the fix? Did Boehner & Company then lie to the rest of the Members? And, who did they look at with a wink-wink, as they said these things, and who did they look at with hound dog eyes and swear on their mother’s grave that what they were saying was true?

This is why we have to leave this part of any reckoning to them.

These things we can’t know, and are fools, not to mention wasting valuable time, if we come out every day and stand on a soapbox and yell to high heavens “facts” we really don’t  know to be true (which is also a kind of lie, by the way).

“Stack is correct in saying we need to tend to our knitting, and keep on the road where we can do things within our power. Just keep a tally about Congress, for some of these men, mostly freshmen, who are unaccustomed at both lying and being lied to (at least the non-lawyers among them), will deal with these lies. Some will cave under the pressure (for a variety of reasons), while others, 30 or 40 at least I hope, will stake their swords in the sand and form their own “virtual caucus” – not based on “Tea Party” issues but on more basic issues of honor, integrity and honesty in dealings. (This is why I can’t support a man like Newt even though I agree with virtually everything that he says.) This, not taxes, has to be at the core of our Cause.

90% of my negative feelings about Republicans like Mitch McConnell is not their dishonesty, but the ease and comfort with which they indulge it in others, still calling them “my good friends.”

That this sort of condition exists is our fault, not theirs, for by the strangest of double standards inside ourselves, while we wouldn’t tolerate this conduct in our friends, we condone and even support it in our elected officials.

Consequently, if Congress, all 100% of them, has a rule they can all agree on, it’s that the majority of voters in every district will condone a liar as long as they bring home pretty presents.

This is our fault, but it is also a problem we can rectify, in what we write, and in our districts, and by supporting grassroots projects such as Cold Warrior’s Precinct Project and Ron Robinson’s Procinct.

But we have to play a kind of political game ourselves. For just like a college town with a really lousy team, we have to root for them in the stadium, while working our behinds off trying to find a few good freshmen every year to make them better the next year, and maybe take a second look at the coaches’ resumes.

Quite frankly, I don’t care if the freshmen deny this CR vote and shut the government down. For them, there is more than a budget vote on the line tonight. So is their self-respect. On that account alone, I would shut the government down, if in fact I knew I’d been flim-flammed.

But that’s just me. I cannot abide a lie. Mick Hensley taught me that.


Citizen With Bark On