Saturday, September 25, 2021

Atlas Shrugged

First, the true confession: I’ve never read anything Ayn Rand has written.

Now for the dispatch: I haven’t been to the movies in about 15 or 16 years and probably won’t go see this movie either. I’ve really just pretty much broken any habit I ever had and think I’d probably swallow my tongue if I had to spend $20 on two hours worth of sitting watching a show.

However, I know this Ben Howe guy and am SO impressed with his work on this video, I want to bring it to you guys. From what I hear from the only person that I know of who has seen the show (that’s you Labor Union Report!), I understand it’s a good show for those of you who see movies away from home.

Now watch this great video and applaud my friend, Ben Howe. He’s the best.

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