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Economy: Notes From A Borders Closing

The sales are going on everywhere in this depressed economy. Liquidation sales, estate sales, inventory clearance sales-you name it. Of course, they take place in times good and bad, but when times are bad, they really sizzle. Borders is downsizing as part of its Chapter 11 workout plan, and the local store got the axe from the suits.

The buzzword in these scenarios is that the “poorer performing” locations go on the block. But as we saw with the GM bankruptcy, that designation is not always easy to accept for the customers. The two Borders stores I patronized always seemed prosperous- well stocked with merchandise for every taste, brimming with customers and generally exuding the air of a place where you would like to spend some time, especially the coffee bar.

But that was then, and now is now. I picked up some good bargains, but paid for them with a depressing experience. The coffee bar is gone, while the remaining merchandise is scattered and disorganized after being pawed by earlier, more thorough bargain shoppers. I could only find one item I really wanted in the ruins that were shelves, but lucked out with the piles of stuff near the checkout line.

It wasn’t a bad haul for under $20- a celebrity memoir, a Christmas CD, a historical novel and the Odyssey (the same Robert Fitzgerald translation I read in high school). Very symbolic that last book – it’s a long, risky voyage home for our nation during these troubled times.

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