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National Panhandler Radio Does Its Imitation Of Media Matters

So its not enough that NPR is stealing money from our kids pockets, oh no, they are using those dollars to step up and portray Media Matters. You say how are they doing that? one of their “Journolista’s” watched Brett Bair at FOX News for months to gauge through his ideological blinders whether his show was fair and balanced. Now I know there is the George Soros backed Media Matters that sits in their black room watching FOX 24/7 to do just that same thing but NPR thought they could do it better DeFund NPR

Folkenflik said the night he was allowed in to observe, the panel was Stephen Hayes of “the conservative Weekly Standard,” plus “a conservative who’s a former senior aide to President George W. Bush, and a political reporter for the Washington Post. I asked Baier how that lineup reflected the fairness that he promises.” The Post is a “non-ideological news outlet”? See the arrogance of media liberals on display. Fox is a right-wing propaganda house, but NPR and The Washington Post are meticulously “non-ideological.”

Notice how in his complaint that Fox is casting reporters as “surrogate liberals,” Folkenflik never suggested in this piece that one of the Baier regulars is NPR’s own Mara Liasson — perhaps because NPR’s liberal listener base hates NPR people “dignifying” Fox with their liberal presence. Why Fox News would allow NPR in, considering their recent record in whacking Fox, is a mystery.

When you have tax dollars funding what George Soros funds with his own money well “Houston we have a problem”. I look forward to the day when NPR is no longer drawing money from the government and are made to stand on their own, because I will bet they are made to close their doors in short shrift!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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