Boehner hears a Who (or we ain’t goin’ back in the bag.)


If you’ve read anything I have had to say about Boehner and Cantor you would probably guess I haven’t been particularly impressed with either. If they actually stick to their guns enough to shut down the government I think at least a little grudging respect is in order. If they prevail on all points coming out of the shutdown then we have a real chance off turning Bacha Bereesh* out of the White House.

I do want to make clear we are talking chump change here and if this is the best they can do we are sunk. It is a start and Paul Ryan’s budget is a huge leap in the right direction. But even Ryan’s budget is somewhere between a temporary fix where everything asplodes again in a few decades or worse a way we can actually sustain big government, FOREVER.

Why do Republicans insist on fixing crap instead of throwing it on the dung heap?


But back to my original purpose. If there is a shutdown the winning side will almost certainly be the loudest side. In a couple of days millions of leeches (read government workers and non-essential recipients), leftwing pundits (read communists) and the establishments, Republican and Democrat, will be shouting, emailing, letter writing, Op-Ed’ing, sobbing , whining, and dumping trash on Boehner’s lawn.

This raises a couple of questions.

First, how is Boehner going to get all of the drunken congressional Democrats and staffers off his lawn? Does somebody make a BushHog with a bagger?

Second, what can the Tea Party wing of the nation do to make sure we are louder than the plunderers?

The future of America, be it a Republic ruled by law or tyrannical mob rule followed by dictatorship and despair, may well hang in the balance, WILL WE BE HEARD?

Will Tea Partiers go back in the pouch?




*Bacha Bereesh
We can set aside the fact Obama grew up as a cute little boy in an Islamic nation, he has proven since his inauguration he lives to dance for gay men. Witness his abandonment of DADT, DOMA and the Boy Scouts.

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April 8, 2011 11:58 am

Rogue- Did you see the Republican Study Committee plan to cut $9.2 trillion from the deficit. They also accomplish the goals much faster than Ryan’s plan. They also do address SS which Ryan does not. I think it sounds and looks great. Let’s keep it for the 2013 Republican Presidency, when we also control the Senate and the House. Then we can shove it down the throats of the Liberals and Progressives just as they shoved Obamacare down our throats.

April 8, 2011 12:33 pm

Rogue, I would like to see the Tea Party folks show up in D.C. to remove the Dem trash from Boehner’s lawn. Take pics to show what it looks like before removal, and then have a few dedicated and gloved folks to go through that same trash to just what’s in it.

You just never know when you’ll find some really interesting info. Nor where……