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Scott Walker: “Smokes for Votes”

Wisconsin is the gift that keeps on giving . . . if you are a glutton for election punishment. Tuesday, the state had an election which involved candidates for the state Supreme Court. In the hotly contested race, Democrat JoAnne Kloppenburg holds a tiny 200 vote lead over incumbent conservative Justice David Prosser. There will be a recount. Republicans aren’t sounding all that optimistic and why should they? Wisconsin has a dark history when it comes to elections of the last decade or so.

In the year 2000, Democrat activists were trying to ensure a Gore victory over Bush in Wisconsin. They were trading cigarettes with the homeless for their promise to vote for Gore. This was caught by TV cameras, although there no longer seems to be video of it available. Hmmm. Wisconsin state representative at the time, Scott Walker, (call him Governor Walker these days) made note of the fraud. Gore edged Bush in 2000 by about 5600 votes.

In 2008, there were felony indictments in Milwaukee for election fraud. It seems fraudulent voter registrations were turned in by people paid by Acorn and the Community Voters Project (CVP).

Now I’ve got no real proof that the election between Prosser and Kloppenburg is tainted, but I’ve got my suspicions. Strong suspicions. Wisconsin allows same day registration and vouching. How can you run a fair election when some Joe Blow says old Jimmy is OK . . . and that’s good enough for Jimmy to vote? WTH?

Then of course, consider the unions were heavily involved. They are bullies and play fast and loose with the rules. They, and their Democrat friends, are desperate to win this one to thwart the new Wisconsin law that restricts collective bargaining for public employees. Everybody knows the state Supreme court will settle the matter in the end. The unions and the Democrats need Kloppenburg to make it a 4-3 liberal court.

So there’s a lot on the line and there’s a lot of unsavory history. I believe the Democrats are in the process of stealing this race. The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund has questions too:

There’s lots of irregularities. Dane County is the liberal epicenter of this election…Apparently there are up to 10,000 ballots that were cast in Dane that just voted for the Supreme Court race, which is bizarre. Because there was an extremely close race for mayor of Madison, there was an extremely close race for Dane County executive. It’s passing strange that you would have perhaps thousands of voters…just voting on this one election.

The lesson here once again for Republicans is that in states like Wisconsin, you can’t be close. You’ve got to turn out enough voters to overcome the possiblity liklihood of fraud. It’s also obvious that it’s a big hurdle to win elections fair and square plus 5%. Republicans have to scream bloody murder and quit rolling over when they are getting rolled. Any where Republicans have the juice, they need to pass tough voter ID laws, like the one that failed in Wisconsin in 2008.

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