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The Men Who Shave Their Chests UPDATED: Video Jerked

Highly mock-worthy, as Melissa Clouthier notes.   Melissa sounds angry by the end of her post, and I don’t blame her.  Caleb Howe declared it a #facepalmdefcon4.

The version above shows how they disabled embeds after this post was published. Click below to watch a copy.

I’ll confess right here that I did mens’ work for 15 years, so I know something about it.   These men right away break the first two cardinal rules of mens’ work (one which I am also breaking). First, like Fight Club, you don’t talk about it; you sure as hell don’t make a video. Second, you don’t ever apologize for being a man.

So let’s just say that these men have not plumbed the depths of true mens’ work at all. Men don’t talk, they act. They get things done. The very fact that every man was stood up in front of a wall or a nice backdrop tells the story. Not one shot of a man in front of a computer or a truck. Not one shot of a man wearing gloves. Not one shot of a man with dirt on his face.

Not a single man who agreed to appear in this film shows his hands. Not a single man celebrates any aspect of masculinity.

And ultimately, by the end of the film… they blame women.   When women complain of men who betrayed them, it’s usually these men they are speaking of.

These are men who can’t stand conflict, as evidenced by the fact that their youtube page comments are moderated – they won’t allow full, true engagement for discussion. They publish a ‘manifesto’ on their web site (no links, and certainly no discussion) when a man’s only manifesto should simply be how he lives. Sign up for their for their site without indicating your gender, and you will be stopped.  There’s your anal control freak for ya.

The only serious mistake these men avoided was not saying anything about real men.

It takes a real man to watch every second of this video without turning away in disgust.

UPDATE: Apparently these men are so steadfast in their unshakable belief in their ideas that they pulled their video – at least for embedding on sites like this.  Stand by, we will have a new embed shortly.   In the meantime, watch it here – at least until they pull that one, too.

UPDATE II:  One of Melissa’s commenters WarEagle01 give us this.  Last 3 techniques are especially good.  I like both these guys, but I’d like to see our P instructor try a little more boldness.   Observe your Not Suitable for Work warning on this video.

UPDATE III: Real Men: I guess they just can’t take it.  They’ve turned off commenting at YouTube on their video.  Not just moderated; off.  Guess their philosophy just can’t take some competition.

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