Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Kraken Kitty aiming for Wisconsin cheaters

It comes to my attention that the union thugs who are attempting to steal the Wisconsin election from rightful winner Justice David Prosser are feeling pretty smug about manufacturing at least 100,000 votes in order to pull ahead by 204 votes out of 1,400,000 votes counted (notice the Kraken did not say out of 1,400,000 votes CAST). The recount begins, and these clowns think this is in the bag. It may be, as cheating is the milieu of Democrats and unionists in particular. But steal or lose, it does not mean there will not be consequences.

It is time to RELEASE DA KRACON!!!!!!


If you little whiners and petty rioters were any more formidable, we might awaken the real Kraken. But I think Kraken Kitty can take care of the small-time criminals.

Be seeing you……

The Editors
To beast or not to beast.


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