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Same Sentence; Democrats, Bribes, Kickbacks, Grand Jury; Surprised?

I no longer get surprised by seeing the words Democrat, bribes and kickbacks all in the same sentence. It is because of their ability to quietly takeover most seats of power from sea to shining sea that they had become so comfortable in their ability to be gangsters and the 2008 election just sealed their position. It is only through the power of Democrats having the whole shebang that Americans were finally able to see their sickness up front and personal for the first time in a generation and they have been rejecting them ever since. No Wonder Judges See It The Democrat Way, They Are Bought And Paid For

As first reported Thursday, the allegations under investigation are that Murphy, a Democrat, paid a bribe in exchange for then-Gov. Bill Richardson appointing him to the bench in 2006, and that he may have solicited bribes for Richardson from applicants for other judgeships.

The bribe or bribes were allegedly paid as political contributions. No one besides Murphy, including Richardson, has received notification that they may be indicted.
Payments allegedly went to ‘local political figure’

The Albuquerque Journal published some previously unreported details about the investigation on Saturday. According to the newspaper, the allegations are that “one or more state court judges in Las Cruces paid kickbacks to a local political figure for their judicial appointments by Gov. Bill Richardson.” The newspaper did not name that political figure but said he or she had “ties to the Richardson administration.”

Ex-Governor Richardson should have a Grand Jury convened against him as well. It appears that a political figure for Richardson would take the money for Richardson and then Richardson would put a Judge on the bench and of course that Judge is beholden to Richardson when We The People would go to court to fight against legislation. How very, very cozy. How absolutely impossible for We The People to win, it cannot be done when the bench is stacked against you. The elections of 2010 were so much more then just flipping Democrat to Republican, it was a stop on the Democrat march on all levers of power in State by State.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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