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Skulduggery In The Congress

So the Senate has a secretive voting mechanism called “hotlining” to move legislation quickly, under unanimous consent, instead of actually letting We The People know and voting in the light of day. It is shocking the amount of skulduggery that is learned each and every day when the Democrats are in power. You see, the Republicans have been equally as shady in Congress’s past, but they did it so quietly you didn’t realize they were stealing freedoms, How America Was Bait And Switched.

The answer involves a secretive Senate procedure known as “hotlining.” Hotlining is a system that allows legislation to pass by “unanimous consent,” usually in the evening, when almost no Senators are present. Prior to a bill’s consideration, the Democrat and Republican Cloakrooms send out hotline notices – automated phone calls and emails – to key staff. The hotline notices typically include the bill number, so members can look it up and review its contents. However, in the case of the Libya, the resolution was not made public until the day after the Senate approved it.

According to numerous congressional aides, almost no members knew about the no-fly zone language. Most offices thought they were approving a different resolution – with the same sponsor and a nearly identical title – that had been circulating among congressional offices for two weeks.

In a February 22, email obtained by the Examiner, an aide to Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) sent a resolution to the staff of members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee condemning human rights abuses in Libya. There was no mention of a no-fly zone.

These actions done in the dark of the Senate Chamber, ignores the right of We The People to have open and transparent government.  It is unacceptable for our elected representatives to abuse their position and power this way.

This is another reason that the TEA Party is important in this Country – they bring LIGHT! They bring a large flashlight to shine in the shadows of an institution that has long forgotten that it belongs to the people and not the oily politicians who walk its halls today.  It is time for a cleansing of both chambers, with those who have been there longer then 12 years to be sent home. If you cannot do what you promised, and swore an oath to do for this Country, it is time to go home.  We want to restore the governing of this country to We The People.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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