Rand Paul spoke at a GOP fundraiser in Iowa on Saturday, April 2nd. Speeches at GOP fundraisers are usually predictable pablum consisting of two goals:  to point out how bad the Democrats are, and to motivate the listeners to devote their time, talents, and treasures to elect Republicans. Usually a nice reference to Ronald Reagan gets included in the speech. Now, while Rand Paul did have those prerequisites in his speech, the video shows that he also had something much more important in his speech.

He makes the point that there are some principles that are too important to compromise on. He suggests, that it is a misplaced ideal to say it is noble to compromise on something that we should stand up for – compromise is the easy way out.  We have to stand and fight for what is right for the nation, and we have to mean it. He said that just being a Republican, and having a Republican Party, is not enough. A political party by itself is just an empty vessel. The party needs to be imbued with values and principles.

There was plenty of applause, and perhaps that is why he did not further add that the empty vessel is to be filled by people who become precinct committeemen. One is simply being foolishly naive if they think they can just leave it up to someone else to do the precinct committeeman jobs, and come election day they will have principled candidates to vote for. It does not work that way. An empty vessel will start getting filled, but it can just as easily be filled by unscrupulous narcissists who are only interested in grabbing fame and power for themselves. The only way to insure that the empty vessel starts getting imbued with conservative values and principles, is to have a majority of the precinct committeemen slots filled with constitutional conservatives.

There are some who worry that this son of Ron Paul is an isolationist dove  like his daddy. We will have to let some time pass, and see whether or not there is cause for concern.   From this small excerpt of his speech, I am left with the opinion that Rand Paul has admiration for a person who will take no prisoners, and who will fight for what is right, and not compromise his principles. I am hoping I am right about him. We can’t spare someone who fights.

H/T to Erick Brockway for putting the video together.

I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.