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All Aboard for the Hoax and Chains Express 2012!

We are in the first, heady days of the Obama 2012 Campaign. Let’s see what is going on. What will Obama run against? He will run, naturally on Hoax and Chains, just as he did last time. But this time instead of running against George W. Bush, he will run against John McCain, or at least his foreign policy as embodied in the foreign policy of Barack Obama. This makes 2012 the Obama v. Obama campaign season.

Barack Obama's 2012 Anti-Bad-Obama Poster

Obama can’t really run against George Bush, or Johnny McMaverick, though he will try. Let’s see what he has to run against if he runs against his own record, as he will.

  • Still in Iraq. Iran and Iraq are edging closer and closer to being BFFs all the time. Christians are being massacred here at an increasing clip.
  • Still in Afghanistan, and it’s deadlier than ever. The Taliban and al Qaeda appear to be recovering their strength, holding onto secure garrisons inside Pakistan and Iran. Pakistan is edging ever closer to collapse, and the road across the Khyber Pass is more treacherous to supply traffic every day.
  • Libya is going well, for some meanings of “well.” Obama decided to bomb Qaddafi’s forces, then the rebel forces, then discovered there are al Qaeda among the rebels, then decided to supply the rebels with weapons, then decided not, then decided to hand over command to NATO, then decided to stop flying any missions at all, then clammed up. He still hasn’t asked for or obtained a resolution from Congress granting him war powers. I guess that bombing enemy fighters does not amount to war in the new-speak of the Obama era.
  • Someone found Obama’s Selective Service form and checked on the SSN he used. Strangely enough the SSN appears to belong to someone from Connecticut who was born in 1890. Obama is not 121 years old and was not born in Connecticut! Either the document is wrong or there are major issues with Obama’s document trail. But it is really hard to know what’s going on since Obama has spent millions to block the release of any of his documents since well before the 2008 campaign.
  • Energy prices are up as high as they have ever been, and are poised to go higher with serious unrest in almost every petroleum producing country in the Middle East. Gas will reach $5 per gallon this summer and will most likely be even higher by next year.
  • Food prices have doubled for produce, meat, eggs, and dairy in the last couple of years. Overall food prices rose modestly because people are buying lower quality food.
  • Home prices have continued to fall as the housing bubble, which was prevented from reaching its proper level, continues to lose air and hype, depressing economic activity and causing economic unpredictability.
  • The dollar is down. Way down. Weaker every day. Almost as if it was being intentionally destroyed to make American workers competitive in a world marketplace by impoverishing them, while reducing the worth of America’s national debt in order to default by stealth on the US Government’s creditors. This isn’t paranoid, is it?
  • Gold and other precious metals are way up! So are petroleum and pork bellies.
  • The US Treasury has been buying some Fed auctions, which is also known as printing money. This has a lot to do with why consumer prices are now going up rapidly, as inflation is always primarily a monetary phenomenon with price increases that are a necessary result of inflation that already occurred.
  • Obama’s personal popularity is down to 44%, and generic Republicans have a 6-7% lead on generic Democrats in polls.
  • In the first week of his campaign it seems very likely that the Federal government will shut down. This happens while polls are either split on responsibility for the shutdown, or in favor of Republicans, who are seen as more reasonable than Democrats  on the matter of spending cuts.
  • Obama and Democrats keep on saying that American taxpayers and companies need to take a haircut. Meaning they need to sacrifice money and freedoms for the good of the collective. But Government, for some reason Americans can’t figure out, never has to take a haircut. Most Americans wouldn’t stop at the hair either. They’d give the government a haircut clear down to the neck, or even the waist, on the theory that half a government is a good start at cutting it down.
  • Obama had to reverse course on Guantanamo yesterday. He had run on shutting it down and trying enemy fighters in US civilian courts. But after several judges attempted to release terrorists onto the streets of American cities because they weren’t arrested with Miranda warnings and other procedures that have never been used on a battlefield, Congress tied Obama’s hands and passed legislation forbidding him or the Department of Justice (or anyone else, for that matter) from moving foreign, enemy terrorist suspects to mainland US facilities.
  • Obama’s background, so unclear during the 2008 campaign, has settled out. The question in voters’ minds for 2012 is not, “what is a community organizer?” The question now is, “is Obama a communist, a fascist, or a muslim?”
  • Unemployment has gotten worse and worse during Obama’s tenure in the White House. The official measurement has finally dropped below 9%, but that is because lots of people have run out of the unemployment benefits that had stretched out for two years. Now they are not employed and don’t count as unemployed. Perhaps that makes them invisible men and women.The media thinks they are invisible. They don’t show up on the news, except for Fox News. Invisible it is!
  • There are lots of invisible men and women, including the members of the Tea Party. Their complaint in 2009 was over extreme Federal Government spending at levels that seemed designed to destroy the credit markets and bankrupt the country. But their outrage only grew louder with the rush to pass Obamacare, the 3,000 page bill that needed to pass so we could know what was in it. Now we know what was in it, and with over 1,000 of the White House’s friends having asked for and received waivers from needing to comply with the provisions of the bill it is clear that the bill was bad, and that if you are a big campaign contributor the law does not apply to you. This doesn’t seem to bother Obama and his friends, but the Tea Party and other invisible people do vote, and they are not pleased.
  • Obama’s BATF smuggled semi-automatic weapons into Mexico, and one of those weapons was used to murder a US Border Patrol agent, who was armed with a beanbag gun while going up against paramilitary narco-terror gangs. The intent behind this smuggling ring seems to have been to be able to prove that American semi-automatic weapons were the main weapons used by Mexican narco-terror gangs. This is not true, as at least 60% of the weapons used by the Mexican narco-terror gangs are fully automatic weapons obtained from South and Central America (mostly Venezuela, but who’s counting?).
  • Obama’s Department of Justice is suing Arizona to try and prevent the state from enforcing Federal immigration laws, while it drops a case it had already won against Black Panthers who intimidated white-skinned would-be voters at a polling place in Philadelphia.
  • And everything that goes wrong with Obama is the fault of birthers, and racism. Remember, “all Republicans and Teabaggers are raaaaacist!”

In the meantime, Obama is expected to spend a BILLION DOLLARS!!!! 11!!! 11!!! !eleventy!!! 11!!!! on his reelection campaign. And he will have the media on his side, doing their duty as they see it to reelect the worst President in American history to the office he desecrates so brilliantly. It’s because of raaaaacism, and he looks really good in a tux. So he has that going for him. And he has already started his campaign, without anyone to run against yet. So he is hiring thousands and thousands of college kids at slave wages to knock on doors, talk to people, recruit fraudulent voters, and organize their neighborhoods to vote Obama back in.

It is going to be hard to beat Obama. But maybe Obama can do it.

Let’s just pray that when the voting is done in November 2012, a president whose last name does NOT start with 0 will be elected.

See the official Dr. Dan statement here.


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