Leftie website developers tell Republicans “we don’t want your business”

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A big “thank you” to Beaglescout for doing the “VAN” and “suitcase montage” pictures.

Yea, you heard that one right. Democrats and progressives not wanting Republicans’ money? Ever wonder what makes the “Democratic Machine” run so hard and efficiently? Wonder no more.

There are website developers and campaign developers who cater only to progressive groups, Democrats and some non-profits. And they even tell you on their websites. First let’s take a look at Trilogy Interactive which was formed by the combining of three interactive “shops”: Blackrock Associates, Articulated Man and Mayfield Strategy Group. Here is the announcement of the “Democratic Operatives” merger:

Brent Blackaby, co-founder of Blackrock Associates told PRNewser today, “as progressives [emphasis mine] are dealing with some challenges in the electoral landscape, combining resources under one roof seemed to make sense.”

From Trilogy’s website:

Trilogy progressive

No, this company doesn’t actually say they won’t represent Republicans or Conservative causes but let’s take a look at some of their clients: Barbara Boxer, ACLU, SEIU, California Democrats, Media Matters, Harry Reid, Rahm Emanuel, Democratic Governors Association, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Immelt Must Go (Progressives United is a client of Trilogy), Green Mountain Pac, Move.On, AFSCME, Clean Power Campaign, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, United Steelworkers, and Nancy Pelosi to name a few. The full client list is here. Not a Republican or Conservative cause in the bunch.


But my fav one is the The Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming which just happens to be a government agency run by Pelosi and Markey. Website header below:

Committee on Energy Independence

Looks like the taxpayers subsidized this one. By hiring a leftie company.

Now let’s move on to the biggie. But first a little background here. We have a couple of people and entities into play.

  • Harold Ickes
  • Catalist
  • Voter Activation Network (VAN) now merged with NGP.
  • VoteBuilder
  • OFA
  • DNC

Harold Ickes of Bill Clinton fame was apparently not satisfied with the GOTV efforts of the DNC so he started a company called Catalist and he is the president. Catalist is a for-profit company and is a repository for registered voters, tax information and their voting records. The company holds, we think but cannot be positive, almost 100% of the records for every precinct in the country. Some of their clients are Planned Parenthood, NARAL, La Raza, Project Vote (ACORN), Rock the Vote, SEIU to name a few. Their mission statement is:

To provide progressive organizations with the data and services needed to better identify, understand, and communicate with the people they need to persuade and mobilize.

VAN is a company which builds software databases for GOTV at the customers specs but only for progressive organizations or Democrats. This is well documented. In 2006 when Howard Dean was DNC Chair he commissioned VAN to build the “VoteBuilder” database software interface that the DNC and OFA uses for GOTV. VAN can be hired by other progressive organizations to build databases but “VoteBuilder” is proprietary to OFA and DNC. VAN then loads the voter records, which Catalist holds, into the databases. The DNC in each state utilizes VoteBuilder however they only hold the voter records for that state.

VoteBuilder van

For example, California Voter Connect used VAN to build their database system, but their “product” is called “California Voter Connect.” Below you can see the “California Voter Connect” database header with the VAN on the right hand side.

CA voter connect snip

Back in December VAN teamed up with NGP, another “progressive” website builder to create “NGP VAN.”


“NGP VAN” even has their own mascot, called “Lefty the Donkey.” I kid you not.

Leftie the Donkey NGP VAN mascot

This is what “Lefty the Donkey” has to say:

Voter File Management – Thousands of Democratic campaigns, progressive organizations, labor unions, and non-profits [emphasis mine] use VAN voter contact tools to manage their voter contact and civic engagement programs. Whether branded as VoteBuilder, SmartVAN, the Labor Action Network, or just VAN, these are the tools Democratic and progressive activists rely on.

Volunteer Management – The VAN database was built under the guidance of Obama for America [emphasis mine].Tightly integrated with the voter file and your voter contact program, VAN provides a complete suite of volunteer management tools for tracking your activists and setting up and scheduling events.

FYI after Obama was elected, “Obama for America” became “Organizing for America” or OFA a “Project of the DNC.” It says so right at the bottom of the page. “430 South Capitol St. S.E. Washington DC, 20003.”

And in case you are wondering what that ACORN is doing on the front of the VAN, I’ll tell you. ACORN’s Project Vote developed its own database system called “VBASE.” Anita Moncrief explains this “in a nutshell”:

Apparently, ACORN and Project Vote were “smack dab” in the middle of another one of Obama’s voter registration drives. According to ACORN reports, ACORN was Catalist’s first client. Let me be clear, the ACORN VBASE, is the archetype of the Obama campaign. ACORN’s technology combined with union money elected a president [emphasis mine].

Remember all, ACORN got millions of taxpayer dollars..Moncrief goes on to say:

The “history making” Obama machine was directly engineered by ACORN’s voter database experiments. ACORN’s sister organization, Project Vote, received tax exempt money [emphasis mine] to fund a venture with the for-profit Catalist. Catalist, the Voter Activation Network, SEIU and America Votes provided the needed cover that allowed ACORN to operate in the background.

And just in case you have any lingering doubts that Ickes, Catalist, VAN et al don’t want Republican money or their services, I’ll leave you with this one little tidbit. An excerpt from a job opening announcement by VAN, last paragraph:

Voter Activation Network is an equal opportunity employer. We insure that discrimination does not occur against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, age, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disability, or any other classification that offends our liberal sensibilities. We do not, however, hire Republicans.

I’m gonna sue.

Carol Greenberg
Crossposted at Conservative Outlooks

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6 responses to Leftie website developers tell Republicans “we don’t want your business”

  1. Kenny Solomon April 3rd, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    I must really care, because I’m commenting while the race is on and Jamie’s doin’ pretty dang-on good.

    As for the topic.

    I think it would behoove someone of “The Republican Race” with the exact qualifications needed for an open position to apply for the job – and be rejected simply because of being a member of “The Republican Race”.

    After all, if it’s “racism” for people of “The American Race” taking a typically bitter clinging stance on Muslims who are all-so peaceful in their intent, then it it equally “racist” for Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Nudgers and Unicornists to discriminate in the reverse manner.

    Sue them ?

    That should be the least of their worries.

    Nar gjodselen slar viften, har den venstre side oynene som ser allt rundt.

    Attention Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Nudgers and Unicornists: Go ahead and keep poking the semi-caged lion.


    — — —

    PS…… Great work Carol.

    Kenny Solomon
    Molon Labe

  2. itsonlywords April 3rd, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    Patty Murray (and let me just add, she is the MOST progressive Senator who has served at least one full term according to ACU ratings) and Jay Inslee <3 Trilogy Interactive, too. I was shocked during the 2010 campaign that they went out of state for tech expertise, Washington being rather tech heavy.

  3. JadedByPolitics April 3rd, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    If the right and libertarians ever want to get this Country on some kind of right of center keel again, they will start putting their money where their mouths are. I have kids who do web design and graphic arts who are doing other jobs because there are not too many where they look doing what they love and yet every pathetic hateful lefty that wants a job has a Harold Ickes or George Soros to pay them to sit around and take out the right. I know Republicans are the stupid party but this is to pathetic for even me to understand.

    • LadyImpactOhio April 3rd, 2011 at 5:58 pm

      “Aristotle” is a non-partisan firm that does website design and campaigns. Maybe your kids can look into them.


      In a really odd lawsuit, linked under “related articles” above, they are suing NGP, saying even though NGP *claimed* they only did work for progressives or Democrats, they actually did work for Republicans. I tried to find out before I finished this article what happened with this lawsuit but couldn’t find anything further.

      And now that NGP has merged with VAN the website still states they only cater to progressives or Democrats.

      FYI the RNC uses *VoterVault*. I have a tweep friend who ran for WY state rep last year, and he had access to VoterVault. He told me it was a joke. I have no doubt.

      Sadly, I have looked over the GOP.com site and have found many errors. This is the Achilles heel of GOP/RNC. They don’t have their “tech” together. OFA’s site is immaculate, I’ve checked it out many times and have never found an error.

      Obama raised $660M for his 2008 campaign. He is expected to raise $1BILLION this time. And remember, RNC decided NOT to put $$ into a GOTV effort in 2010, instead they decided just to rely on email. *sigh*

      GOP, better get on the ball. This ain’t a mid-term this time.

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