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Hey Geraldo…whose side are you on…?

From Mediaite.

Why don't I draw you a map...?
Why don’t I draw you a map…?

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera was in Libya getting some face time with the rebels nobody seems to know and I guess he thought Fox’s world wide audience was just an intimate private conversation because he basically tells the whole world how inexperienced, untrained, unprofessional and pretty much not much of a threat if compared to real trained soldiers the rebels are.
He even cautions anyone thinking of arming the rebels not to do it because he thinks they will be a danger to themselves and those around him.
He said he was as worried about getting shot by the rebels than he was getting shot by Gaddaffi’s men.
He had nothing good to say about them and was pretty much saying what a pushover they would be if someone was you know….listening.
I’m not kidding. Not only does he completely sell out the rebels who are protecting him and allowing him to film he also tells the world exactly where he was which was Brega.

I sure hope for Geraldo’s sake that none of the rebels speak english and watch Fox News because they might be a little pissed at the backstabbing their new friend gave them.

Oh and apparently he was under fire or something bluh blah blah…..

I'm just a hard workin' man who's getting tired of what he sees. Can't we do better....?


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