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Cheap or Free Video Tools for blogging: (RealPlayer)

There are a lot of people using video in their blog posts; it adds to the message and sometimes the overall quality of your post to show politicians in their own words. Problem is, the part you may want to use could be buried at 8 minutes and 45 seconds into a 9 minute 30 second video and be 20 seconds long.

What to do?

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Well, one way is to use the YouTube “Copy url at current time” function. When you stop the video you are watching right at the point you want to show in your blog, right-click on the video itself and you be shown some options;

This will give you a url which looks like this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIA5aszzA18&feature=player_profilepage#t=25s

The highlighted portion above is added by YouTube to send your readers straight to that part of the video, where t (time) = 25s (25 seconds). You can manually add that tag as well, using (for example) #t=2m (2 minutes) 30s or #t=2m30s. The way YouTube computes it is by total seconds to your mark, but who’s going to mess with the math to convert minutes to seconds, etc? Not I.

So, using the above method gives you a link to the video, but what if you want to embed that sucker? SOL?

No, you just have to work for it. By downloading the video you want to use and carving it up, you can re-upload it to YouTube in your own account name, and embed it. I use Adobe to edit video, but you don’t have to go spending $100+ to get “good enough” results. We don’t all need to be Ben Howe with our productions to get the point across, but it’s fun to try sometimes.

The latest version of Real Player does pretty much everything you’ll need it to, and it’s free. You can’t do titles or credits, but you can get your point across without all that, and there is some limited ability by using YouTube’s “Annotations” function. The how-to is at that previous link.

Below is how to use RealPlayer, embedding instructions are here.

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