Friday, September 24, 2021
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Eyelash on the Monster

Our government is spending ten billion dollars a day. The fiscal conservatives of the country are telling Congress to cut spending and do it NOW. The Democrats are meeting in their caucus and discussing strategy on who to blame and how to say it. Chuckie Schumer is the latest victim of undercover recording. That may be funny that he was outed. Yet, these people in Washington D.C. are deadly serious. Deadly? Oh ya, because they are killing us and our children’s future. We don’t matter to them as long as they have theirs. They will lie, distort, scream, and stamp their feet when they have been found out. Let’s deflect! We don’t want anyone taking what has been exposed too seriously, we’ll make the other guy look worse.

An amazing video is circulating today called “Eat the Rich.” It shows just how much money we spend each day and what it would take to pay the bills for 2011. They measure it by dollar amount and a progressive calendar to show what it would take to meet the tab. It’s worth your nine minutes to watch it and send it to everyone you know.

The GOP is in a sad state of affairs. You would think that those who have been newly placed in power would be calling and knocking on the doors of those who helped placed them in their seats of influence. You would think the GOP would be bowing and asking our input like Obama does with SEIU. You would think we would soothed by their words, promises AND actions to get the things done. We’ve asked them to do it and THEY promised they would. I don’t see it. They have missed the mark. A measly $61 billion for cuts is astounding. It’s an eyelash taken off of a monster. Who are they kidding? Certainly not those of us who are awake.

P. Smith
New blogger, fighting for my grandchild's future.


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