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Hypocrisy thy name is AFL-CIO of Wisconsin

Upon receiving news that Wisconsin halted implementation of its new law that would curtail collective bargaining rights for public workers, the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO is rooting for the rule of law. Yes, it seems they are from their twitter account statement:

Sad day when the headline of the news is that a Governor is going to follow the law.

In a statement released today by WI Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch, we learn that the state will not enforce Act 10 pending further action by the courts. Plans had been underway for making increased payroll deductions to cover the benefit changes under the law. The state will now desist in carrying these plans forward, for now.

Where was the AFL-CIO when their Best Friend Forever, the president, was refusing to enforce United States immigration law? Wouldn’t one think that their dues-paying members would be in favor of enforcing legal immigration, and halting the unconstitutional, cultural and fiscal destruction of our now-dissolving republic? Perhaps they are. But what of their salaried employees, the union leadership? Clearly the destruction is part and parcel of their agenda. They are union leaders and therefore communists who seek to import more poor and uneducated people in order to build Democrat party power and enable their leadership to consult with and influence the most powerful man in the world.

Meanwhile, the governors of Arizona and other border states are fighting a defensive war to protect American citizens and their states from ruin–did the AFL-CIO cheer on the enforcement of the Arizona law which was exactly the same as federal law? How did the AFL-CIO members feel about that Arizona immigration enforcement law?

And, lest we forget, other border states, those that border the Gulf of Mexico, are fighting to save union and non-union jobs in their energy and associated commercial industries. Where was the massive protest to enforce that judge’s ruling that the moratorium be lifted on drilling in the gulf? Supposedly, unions are in favor of more drilling. No? They aren’t?

Union leaders, thy name is hypocrisy. You want people to believe you are for the working man. For j_o_b_s–jobs. Instead, you are for the forced collection of union dues to fund the socialization of our fair country.

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