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Did Mitch Daniels encourage Mourdock to run against Lugar?

Indiana Treasurer, Richard Mourdock, stated in an interview that Gov. Daniels was supportive of Mourdock’s potential run against Senator Lugar in the coming Indiana senate primary.

Before I decided to do this, he and I had three different conversations about it,” Mourdock said in an interview with Hotline On Call. “And every time, he said, ‘Richard Mourdock, don’t you ever, ever, ever let anyone tell you [you] don’t have every right to do this. You’ve earned the right. You worked 31 years in the business world. We don’t have that kind of experience very often in Washington.

Daniels’ spokesman seems to soft-pedal the support, however:

Daniels’ spokesman, Jane Jankowski, said the governor neither encouraged nor discouraged Mourdock from launching a Senate run.

Nevertheless, there does seem to be, at most, neutrality on Daniels’ part between the two rivals, Lugar and Mourdock, both of whom are Daniels’ friends.

Mourdock looks to have the backing of much of the establishment in the state, including “…more than 75 percent of GOP county chairmen…” And Mourdock’s plans to make central the message that Sen.Lugar is President Obama’s favorite Republican, has the potential to appeal to grassroots tea party Republicans as well.

After some conservatives became uneasy over Daniels saying he would vote for Sen. Lugar, it appears that Mr. Mourdock is providing information missed in the mist of a Meet the Press interview where hectoring questions did not succeed in the questioner’s desired result. That desired result could only have been to make Daniels choose between two friends.

The real question is this: looking out over a landscape where the Indiana tea party has a bullseye on his seat in the senate, will the senator be able to hold onto it.

As for President Obama’s favorite Republican, Senator Lugar–many of the participants in the real ball game of politics at the precinct committeeman level, have been working toward a result that may cause President Obama chagrin.

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