Battling bills in the Senate on EPA reform, Dems v. Repubs


For background please see my previous article, Obama pouts and tries end-run around Congress on cap and trade.

Dueling Senate bills and resolutions on how to rein in the over-reaching EPA could come as early as Tuesday. H/t to Jeff Dunetz at YidwithLid, not only has Obama lost support of The Washington Post for his “energy bill” but my own research has told me he’s lost the support of the Wall Street Journal as well:

The Environmental Protection Agency debate lands in the Senate this week, amid the makings of a left-right coalition to mitigate the agency’s abuses. Few other votes this year could do more to help the private economy—but only if enough Democrats are willing to buck the White House.

This moment arrived unexpectedly, with Majority Leader Harry Reid opening a small business bill to amendments. Republican leader Mitch McConnell promptly introduced a rider to strip the EPA of the carbon regulation authority that the Obama Administration has given itself. Two weeks ago, Mr. Reid pulled the bill from the floor once it became clear Mr. McConnell might have the 13 Democrats he needs to clear 60.

Those “riders” are per S.493, the Small Business Innovation Research and Authorization Bill which would reduce the size of government. Additional riders provided by Patriot Action Network. (sorry, don’t know how the smiley got in there but can’t get it OUT).

1) McConnell/Inhofe amendment #183 (prohibit EPA regulation of greenhouse gas emissions);

2) Landrieu 2nd-degree amendment #244 (enactment date change) to amendment #183;

3) Vitter amendment #178 (sell unused federal property);

4) Johanns amendment #161 (repeal 1099 reporting requirements);

5) Cornyn amendment #186 (bipartisan commission on oversight and eliminating wasteful government spending);

6) Paul amendment #199 (cut $200 billion in FY 2011 spending);

7) Sanders amendment #207 (point of order re: Social Security);

8 ) Hutchison amendment #197 (delay implementation of Obama’s health spending bill until pending lawsuits resolved);

9) Coburn amendment #184 (list of programs administered by every federal department and agency); and

10) Pryor amendment #229 (Patriot Express Loan Program).

Back in January the Dems put out their own legislation to suspend the EPA for 2 years from implementing regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, the EPA Stationary Source Regulations Suspension Act. Manchin & Rockefeller weigh in maybe because…the EPA pulled the permit for a huge already-in-use coal mine in their state of West Virginia and 98% of the electricity in WVA comes from coal. Guess they don’t want their constituents left in the dark so they make sure they put the “X” next to their names in the next election. Also on the list are McCaskill, Johnson, Nelson and Conrad.

This stunning quote from “Bloody Mary” Landrieu (D-LA):

“The Fact Remains That Allowing The EPA To Make An End Run Around Congress And Twist The Clean Air Act For This Purpose Would Result In Ever-Changing Regulations And Uncertainty In The Private Investment Market That Would Damage Louisiana’s Already Fragile Economy And Fail To Address The Risks Of Climate Change.”

Even ultra-lib Sherrod Brown isn’t sure how OHIO will be affected, per the Hill:

Brown — who faces reelection in 2012 in the battleground Midwest state — wrote to President Obama Monday calling for a review of the “economic repercussions and potential unintended consequences” of regulations the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun to phase in this year.

The Journal closes it out by stating:

The McConnell amendment is one of the best proposals for growth and job creation to make it onto the Senate docket in years. If Mr. Obama is intent on defending the EPA’s regulatory assault, then the least Senate Democrats can do is force him to defend his choices himself.

Pay close attention this week folks. Even if it passes the Senate, be sure that Obama will veto it.

Carol Greenberg
Crossposted at Conservative Outlooks

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March 28, 2011 7:43 pm

I added a space between the 8 and the ) to get rid of your smiley. Thanks for calling this Senate battle to our attention. I am going to be checking out the final votes to see if 20 Ds vote with the 47 Rs.

March 28, 2011 8:12 pm


March 29, 2011 2:33 pm

Thanks, Lady for keeping our eyes on the ball here and at UP News and Conservative Outlooks. Everyt time we Start paying attention, we get distracted by tsunamis, Libyan excursions, et cetera, and Sunstein, Holdren, Browner, Jackson and Obama, the Fab Five, try a little stealth maneuvering to take us back to the thirteenth century.
Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! The EPA has got to go!