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Presidential Sweeps: A Shout-Out To The Elves of Twelve

The GOP was certainly Kung-fu Fighting in 2008!

The signs are everywhere. The presidential race is in full gear. And no wonder! Thanks to Barack Obama and Campaign Finance Reform, the Democratic Party’s billion dollar baby pushed the edge of the envelope in 2008 with slick marketing, oily machinations and absolute bundles of cash. So the prudent candidates for this cycle must begin early. And oily.

Many of us remember the fisticuffs on the GOP side during that race. It was a wild ride, best memorialized by the 70’s Carl Douglas classic “Everybody Was Kung-fu Fighting”, which sits at the top of this page. The bots, the personal attacks, the coded appeals to religious prejudice, the Ronulan tin foil – it was quite a ride. And often nauseating.

I doubt many of us want a repeat this time. So what can our merry band here at UP, and like-minded people everywhere else, do about it? We can become the Elves of Twelve. We will enter the infowars on the side of the angels- enforcing civil discourse, emphasizing facts, insisting on a fair hearing for candidates and a critical analysis of their qualifications. We must prick bots, torpedo character assassins and counter the various ethically challenged contrivances by which the unhinged try to game the system.

It is not a task for the faint-hearted. But it will be fun! So let replenish our stores of cyber pixie dust, let loose that elfin charm and go forth to make sure that the RIGHT candidate emerges from a fair fight. And moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on January 20, 2013. Unlike the government, we at Unified Patriots really are here to help!

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