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Sen McCain Has Another Un-Thought Out Suggestion

He wants to put Khaddafi on trial.

This from March 21, with Greta van Susteren. Sen McCain has repeated the same comment since.

And out of politeness, I assume, no one has asked the senator how that might be carried out.

First, who would try him? I only assume it wouldn’t be the successor leadership of Libya, as it might appear a little unseemly for the United States to expect an Al-Qaeda regime we’re fighting in other parts of world to be the ones to put him on trial at our bidding.  Oh, they’d hang him, for sure, but what would be justice in that, for one murderer to hang another murderer?

To say that McCain and Hillary are on the same page here is not necessarily a compliment, for either, although both have been known to throw lamps.

Unlike Iraq, where we easily handed Saddam Hussein over to a democratically-elected government to fairly try,

then hang the man, and even, in death, allow him one last moment of dignity by dying like a man, no such libel will ever accuse the successor government of Libya to be legitimate, much less democratic.

But wait. There’s the EU!

We can always frog-march Khaddafi off to the Hague, where, like Slobodan Milosevic he could conduct his own defense, for what, five-six years, and maybe die in a rather nicely-appointed cell that the EU always provides for ousted world leaders, sort of a Paris-off-the-Seine, secure in the notion that he will never face the executioner’s needle or rope.

Going into to exile is very expensive and very dangerous, with many sleepless nights. But jail on the Third World Dictator (with Oil) -Plan in the EU is free, and can be sumptuous, at the expense  of the poor taxpayers of Europe, or probably America since McCain brought this silly notion up.

My boss at that time Milosevich was brought in was so incensed that the EU had taken jurisdiction over a mass murderer in order to try him for “grave breaches against humanity” with only jail time as the penalty, when the new Serbian government would have tried him and hung him within a few months, and all the evidence of guilt would have been established, he offered to defend him, pro bono.

No one wants Khaddafi in their custody, but no one wants to shoot him, either. What has our world come to? They’re even talking this way about Osama bin Laden, where, I could get rich just running a lottery to see who gets to shoot him.

Now there’s an idea. Who wouldn’t pay $10,000 each just to to be part of a drawing to be in a 10-man firing squad to shoot a pumpkin off Khaddafi’s head?


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