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Are Middle East “Democracy” Protests Really Food Riots?

The question has come up before, during the Egyptian riots in February, that despite the tales of a left-labor conspiracy with social media driving a street democracy uprising,  it was actually skyrocketing food prices that drove people into the streets. Higher wages, not freedom was their ticket.

So, today, in this tale of the widening protests in Syria is buried a promise by the Assad regime to “increase wages”, not broaden democracy.

In the middle of the Tahrir Square standoff in early February world analysts were regularly reporting this food connections, but the national media found the alternate theme too sexy to change so generally ignored it.

But the food story had legs and held on as a common subtext to Mid East unrest all through February. AndtThe blame was not just laid at the general feet of world food prices, but also took aim at US ethanol policy which has redirected world corn crops to energy (gasoline) instead of food, which as we all know, affects the world’s poor most, and QE3, quantitative easing monetary policy, almost as if George W Bush were still in charge.

Now it’s March and the Left has finally found a new bogeyman, namely global warming, and that the First World, at least, we’re warned had better settle into a new view toward eating and drinking…if for no other reason, out of simpatico for the poor people of the world we’re starving with our governmental policies…policies driven not by capitalist greed, mind you, but by socialist executive fiat.

So don’t look for food prices to be found in the next round of street violence in the Middle East.

Let them eat cake.

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