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If Libya Uses Its Supermissiles Against Us, Will We Be At War?

It appears that Hugo Chavez has been a busy man helping to arm Libya with a supermissile This Is Serious Folks

The U.S. government calls it the “one of the most lethal” weapons of its kind — an advanced, portable missile, designed to knock planes out of the sky. A variant of it just showed up in Moammar Gadhafi’s army and nobody seems to know how exactly it got there. But diplomatic cables, unearthed by WikiLeaks, suggest one potential culprit: the Chavez regime in Venezuela.

Aviation Week’s eagle-eyed reporter David Fulghum spotted a Russian SA-24 Grinch surface-to-air missile mounted on a Libyan army truck in recent cable news footage. And that’s a cause for concern: The SA-24 is more accurate, longer-flying, and more lethal than than earlier models of surface-to-air missiles. It also has a dual-band infrared seeker and is more difficult to jam than older systems.

The missiles “reportedly have counter-countermeasures that may be difficult for planes with just flares to counter,” Matthew Schroeder, director of the Federation of American Scientists’ Arms Sales Monitoring Project, tells Danger Room. ”Overall it’s just a much more capable system.”

The Obama Administration can damn well call this war some made up “kinetic” crap but the truth is, we are at war. When you lob 1200 cruise missiles at a Country, they tend to think about how to beat you ie: WAR! The media wing of the Democrat Party once again giving cover to the Administration by not questioning the insanity of calling war a kinetic military action is really the final straw in the ignorance of them all. It is up to We The People of the United States and our ability to be citizen journalists that will get this Country back on track because there is no honesty left within the 4th Estate.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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