It gets curiouser and curiouser, this whole Middle East bad guys vs bad guys flare up.

That is the point, isn’t it?

When Egypt blew up in January, it was LaborUnionReport who first reported through his labor connections that the “popular” uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, and Yemen weren’t popular at all. They were all Leftwing/Labor/Muslim Brotherhood conspiracies, an improbable triad, if you stop to think about it. They were aided and abetted by the filthy merchants of internet lucre, Facebook, Twitter and Google, and yes, the US State Department, who never, since ’92 at least, has known what its left hand is doing.

The media was quick to call the uprising “popular” while clearly it wasn’t. They clung to this meme as the evidence mounted, and continues to mount to the contrary. Instead, they diverted all eyes toward Barack Obama, looking for his Moses moment to finally do something meaningful with the sea levels in the Red Sea as he had done with Lake Michigan. Instead we all saw a deer in our headlights and nothing more. Obama was quick to call for Mubarak’s removal as he was slow to denounce the slaughters of Tehran a year earlier.

Mubarak did fall, but not entirely to script, but the Triad did a get a foot, ankle, calf, knee, maybe even a leg in the door of the Egyptian government, so a new process is now in progress…with Obama it’s always about process, just like Waco was to Reno and Clinton…

…and the business of Egypt becoming a Leftist/Labor/Brotherhood amalgam has moved behind closed doors. The important things have moved entirely from view. Conveniently, the media is covering the Middle East like Geraldo Rivera covers a race riot; running from one broken store window to the next with a camera, trying to interview a thief carting away a television set.

And then things started to get weird. There were street demonstrations in Tehran again…and even Damascus, but only to be seen once before disappearing. They were either over before they could become newsworthy, or it was decided they shouldn’t be newsworthy anyway, since it was harder to get the cameras set up there. Don’t mess up the easy street theatre being played out elsewhere in the Middle East. Real news is no longer important news to the world’s media giants.

Mubarak was a kindergarten teacher compared to the real thugs in the Middle East such as Assad and Ahmadinejad. He was an easy mark, and community organizers always go after those first.

But if that’s the case, then were the Tehran and Damascus flare-ups purposeful feints, put on by their leaders just for show, to create an illusion of popular unrest in the region, and to broadcast a false  image of  the power of social media as the coming wave of freedom in the region? And if so, was the media in on the scam, or (once again) unwitting dupes?

Or, on the flip side,  is social media in fact more unmanageable than the original triad of Left-Labor-Muslim Brotherhood had bargained for? Did they let a real Jinn out of the bottle? Has the law of unintended consequences overtaken the grand planners of the Left-Labor-Brotherhood Triad?

Who are the puppets and the puppeteers here? Who’s reacting to who? Who knows what? Who did what to who’s what?

For you see, there have also been Shiite uprisings in Bahrain, which the West (that’s Obama & Media Friends) have laid at the feet of the same “popular” search for freedom they thought they saw in Egypt, thanks again to the liberating power of social media. But folks closer to the action there saw this as more trouble-making by Shiite Iran and Ahmadinejab. Therefore the UAE has announced they won’t support the UN military mission in Libya. So much for the Arab League.

So, of course, the American-started, UN-sanctioned, French-led and NATO- catered mission in Libya has become as muddled as an Obama speech without a teleprompter. And suddenly our DOD announces, yes, the Libyan rebels are Al-Qaeda-inspired and possibly led. (At least we now know where those ragtag tribal people learned small unit tactics.)

Has Allstate started a new ad in the Middle East? Have they dispatched Mayhem to the region? Just where is Dean Winters right now? Benghazi or Tripoli. I know he’s there, just where?


All we know is that Americans want to root for the Good Guys, and are damned certain they don’t like to commit American lives, prestige, hardware or money unless there is something Good to be gained.

Guess what?

This may all be very complex, or it may be very simple, for throughout this region, for 1500 years at least, they have been killing one another without any consideration for who the good guys are. Like slave revolts in the Roman Empire for a millennium, when good people in the Arab world revolt against injustice, it is never recorded, or at least wasn’t until 1776. (Hold that thought.)

What is recorded is when an wannabe-chief wants to strike down an existing chief. Win or lose, their feats are all written down, recorded in the annals of memory and recited and sung about in the chaikanas along caravan routes from Tartary to Andalusia for generations. The tea houses of Cairo still sing tales of Saladin.

But the Good Man in the Arab world is as alien as the Honest Man is in the Democrats’ world. There are only winners and losers. In’sha’allah. (It is God’s will.) No one ever counts the dead. Not even as statistics. Good is not to be found even in the saddle bags of their history. It is like a young street vendor who told me in Moscow in the early days, “I hope I get a benevolent (good) mafia.” This is all the good man in the Arab world can hope for…not to be beaten.

This is not to say that there aren’t good guys in the Middle East. In fact, if you look close enough, 90% of them are, but they have been locked in this “process” for thousands of year, and except in the hearts and minds of humanitarians (often known as “conservatives” in this part of the world) they are unconsidered in the affairs of nations. And the only reason they are thought otherwise  is because of those events of 1776 in America. If it weren’t for those events, no one would even consider Darfur at all, let alone as a tragedy. The Arabs, Russians, French and Spanish look upon the common Arab man and woman as they have for two thousand years in geo-political matters; as inconsequential as the voters in Charley Rangel’s district or on Sheila Jackson Lee’s office staff. Door mats.

In other words, the Good Guys have no champion in this fight, and, I would argue, nor any of the other fights brewing in the Middle East.


The media is obsessed with Obama, what he’s thinking, what he’s doing, and even what the man in the Arab Street thinks about him, which so far, is pretty damned poorly. The problem is, not even a wizard can draw a line between what Obama is thinking and what is actually happening in the world. He is either Chance the Gardner…

or he is the smartest operator since Lorenzo de Medici. Sorry, David Brooks and the news staff at NBC, there is no middle ground on this…it’s one of the other.

So, without a program, we already described the Good Guys as having no real dog in this fight. They are the dogs.

About the Other Players there are: 1) Americans who care about the Good Guys,  that’s us, 2) Americans who think maggot-infested, dope smoking commies are the good guys, that’s them,  3) Al Qaeda pretending to be freedom loving “rebels”, 4) Muslim Brotherhood fascists from the Hitler era pretending to be the least bit religious, 5) Shiites not pretending at all, 6) 13th Century old-school thug potentates, trying to control a world that understood them perfectly until only recently, 7) an atheist American Left pretending to be pals with Muslims pretending to be religious, each wanting the same thing, and each willing to share with the other, “over my dead body,” 8) worldwide Labor, pretending to be whatever Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky says they should be on any given day, and surrogates and sycophants to their paying patrons every day, and 9) Google, Twitter and Fecebook in way over their heads, and 10) the American media, pretending to be chaste, but a little drunk, just hoping they’ll still be respected in the morning after the gang-bang they are now engaged.

Since they can’t all kill one another, it’s a hard option to choose.  I didn’t like picking the Egyptian military as the lesser of two evils in their fight, still to be decided. But I did. In Libya, I can only wish for a bolt from the sky, for there are no good guys. The rest? There are others stories still to unfold.

All we can do, as Americans and keepers of a Lamp that let’s us tell the difference, is to make sure that the Bad Guys no longer infest our institutions of government. Trust me, if we do this, most of these problems will take care of themselves…

….for once again, there will be a moral force in the world.



Citizen With Bark On