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Biden wants Obama impeached, Shultz wants him to invade Libya, and Hillary…?

She’s the only one who seems to know what she wants

Vice President (Sheriff) Joe Biden calls for the impeachment of the President, over unilaterally bombing a foreign country, Hillary Rodham Clinton says that any use of force without Congressional approval would be “…a mistake of historical proportion“, and no less an authority than Ed Shultz thinks Obama should invade Libya.

What else could go wrong for the President?

Well, how about House Speaker John Boehner wants questions answered about his use of force against Libya before Obama has even had a chance to wash the sunscreen off from his trip to Central and South America. The nerve!

Okay, VP Joe Biden was Senator Joe Biden when he responded to a question about President Bush possibly attacking Iran (a country, by the way, which seriously is acting against the interests of the United States and its allies);

QUESTIONER: “I have a great fear that say you’re elected as the nominee of the party. Next August sometime during the summer, Dick Cheney and George are going to bomb Iran.”

BIDEN: “Legitimate concern.”

QUESTIONER: “What can you do about it?”

BIDEN: “I am not one, who if you’ve observed me for some time, I am not one who’s engaged in excessive populist rhetoric. I’m not one that pits the rich against the poor. I’m not one who’s gone out there and made false threats against presidents about, and god love him he’s a great guy, I’m not Dennis Kucinich saying impeach everybody now. But let me tell you, I have written an extensive legal memorandum with the help of a group of legal scholars who are sort of a stable of people, the best-known constitutional scholars in America, because for 17 years I was chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

“I asked them to put together [for] me a draft, which I’m now literally riding between towns editing, that I want to make clear and submit to the Untied [sic] States Senate pointing out the president has no authority to unilaterally attack Iran. And I want to make it clear, I want it on the record, and I want to make it clear, if he does, as chairman of the foreign relations committee and former chair of the judiciary committee, I will move to impeach him.”

Note to Joe Biden; Impeachment proceedings are commenced in the House of Representatives, not the Senate.

Note to Tommy Christopher; he didn’t say “…full scale attack…“, although I know you mean well. Attacking a foreign country, I think we can agree, can and should include killing their soldiers and diminishing their means to make war or defend itself; clearly missiles taking out air defenses and communications ability does both.

And what of Hillary Clinton’s statement? Okay, again she was Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton speaking about George W. Bush attacking Iran, quoting again;

CLINTON:If the administration believes that any, any use of force against Iran is necessary, the president must come to Congress to seek that authority,”

“It would be a mistake of historical proportion if the administration thought that the 2002 resolution authorizing force against Iraq was a blank check for the use of force against Iran without further congressional authorization

“We continue to experience the consequences of unchecked presidential action,” she said, later adding: “This president was allowed for too long to commit blunder after blunder under cover of darkness provided by an allied Republican Congress”

[Video here]

Clearly the times are different, as the words spoken by Clinton and Biden in the past are excused and “clarified” by their media fans today when it comes to the current President of these United States.

But wait, what of Ed “Sergeant” Shultz wanting Obama to invade Libya? [my emphasis]

Please take note that since we started this mission, Gaddafi hasn’t been killing civilians, his own people. Does the president get credit for that? Does the coalition get credit for that?

This president, President Obama, has made his choice. And it is his leadership. He inherited Iraq. He inherited Afghanistan. And now, he has made a decision to invade Libya.

As a country, we really don’t have much of a stomach for this right now and a lot of us are torn because of all of our needs here at home.

Really, Ed? Invade?

Forget that buffoon.

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Work seven days a week at two jobs, a newly RETIRED EO1 (E6) in the Navy Reserves (Seabees), blog when I can from cellphone and computer. @erickbrockway #catcot #tcot Currently living in Camarillo, CA, about 45 miles North of LA. I have a wife (20+ years) son, and two daughters.


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