Elementary School Yard Excuse – He Started It


Do you remember when two kids got caught in the school yard fighting? Both are hauled into the principal’s office and given an old fashioned “talking to”, if not, swats. What usually happened is the assaulted would pounce back on the offender with double, triple slams, kicks, and fists. The excuse? “He started it!!” This week we saw a video that has gone viral on the Internet and news. Only this time the assaulted defended himself after giving the bully warnings and walked away. He did not make the excuse “two hits for me, four for him.” Since the video was been aired, the mother of the bully wants her son to apologize to the young man he assaulted. BRAVO MOM! (YouTube has removed the video.)

In the political world we see the, “he started it,” mentality played out on every issue. Bush OK’s TARP and Obama spends us into oblivion. The excuse is Bush overspent and Obama INHERITED the mess. REALLY? Its the same old “he started it” rationality trying to justify irresponsible behavior toward the taxpayers of this country. I’m sure many of you can think of the excuses you’ve heard from progressive pundits on news analysis shows, politicians talking points, and the President himself. Never have I seen one self-interested politicians say, “perhaps someone else started it but it ends with me.”

I truly believe our grandchildren will rise up one day and curse, yes curse, our generation. I can hear them say “grandpa where were you when the government took over a private business like GM? Did you know that is considered fascism? Did you say anything when the bondholders were put at the back of the bus and unions at the front for compensation? What did you think when private, profitable, businesses were taken away from citizens who built them for generations? Grandpa did you ever look at the National Debt Clock (as of March 20, 2011) and examine the taxpayer and citizen liabilities? In my independent studies, I see that the entitlements for you and your generation have taken one dollar for every three I make. How can you have let that happen to someone you say you love?” What will be our answer? Will there be apologies or excuses?

The bully is our established representatives in Washington D.C., state, county, and local governments. We have been complacent. We’ve been taking it. Did we think these weasels would wake up someday and mean what they say? Did we think the light bulb would come on and say, “wait we’re servants of the people, not here to help ourselves!” The first sign of a dysfunctional person, family, and nation is to continue doing the same thing hoping for a different outcome. THIS NATION NEEDS AN INTERVENTION BY THE TAXPAYERS. WAIT! THE TAXPAYERS NEED AN INTERVENTION. TOO MANY ARE STILL ASLEEP. They are swallowing soundbites, mantras from special interests and not willing to do the difficult work.

A good many of us are tired of the government bullies, raping our wallets and our children’s future. We thought “2010 was a pummeling that should strike fear in the heart of all career politicians heart – 2012 here we come.” We said, “ENOUGH”, the bullied finally took things into their own hands when pleas for help and reason were never heeded. Honestly, the still aren’t. The Republicans and freshmen class talked the talk but they are NOT walking the walk. EXCUSES abound and they expect us to be bullied again.

Don’t become complacent because of disappointment in those who describe themselves conservatives, and are NOT. Replace them in 2012. Begin to look for replacements in your congressional district no matter if they are freshman. No second chances. Our grandchildren can’t afford them. Check their voting record. Replace Boehner, Cantor, and other leaders who set aside Michele Bachmann and other protectors of the taxpayers for Committee Chair positions. THAT my friends was your first clue. They were not going to pass up the “good old boys club.” OH NO that’s not how the game is played. Well, its time to tell them WE are going to play a new game. Slam dunk the bullies at the voting booth again. Do not swallow rhetoric or promises.

NO MORE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL YARD EXCUSES. Look for candidates and incumbents, such as Senator Jim DeMint, who have taken off their knickers and put on their big boy pants. Look for those who make no excuses why they won’t support and defend us. Support the Senate Conservative Fund, created by Senator DeMint. I think of it as my political “Christmas Club.” Yes, yes, I’m old. I don’t think the banks have that type of account any longer. We need a House Conservative Fund that vets and endorsed ONLY qualified servants of the people.

I leave you with Provers 29:2

(NIV) When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.

Grassroots Contemplations

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March 20, 2011 5:11 pm

Yeah, the left’s “But Buuuuush!!!” line. Makes everything Obama does OKAY. They think…

March 20, 2011 7:50 pm

“grandpa where were you when the government took over a private business like GM?”
If/when we win we’ll be able to proudly say, “Yes, I helped end the madness”.

Of course if we lose the liberal education system will make this look like the greatest thing since sliced bread and our grandchildren won’t know to question it, if they learn of it at all.

That’s why we have to win.

March 21, 2011 12:10 am

Wow. What a great article and analogy. Keep the momentum up.

I’m a fan.