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At Long Last We Have “Blood For Oil”

Oh how many times I heard that lie about President George W Bush and Iraq, when the reality was that Saddam Hussein was a tyrant who gassed his own people and whose son’s had rape rooms to satisfy their animal lust I Am Grateful They Are Dead.  How many times did the supposed anti-war left use the signs and their disgusting filthy mouths to utter “blood for oil” I Mock The Supposed Anti-War Left And So Does Obama…LOL.  That is all ancient history now because there was no oil from Iraq but there is  definitely oil in Libya and that oil goes to Europe and some eventually finds its way on the open market to America.  Now for me personally, in that we here in America are under the thumbs of the environmentalist and do not drill what which we as a Country need to continue to grow do not mind protecting  oil, no matter from where it comes.

Of course the leader of the anti-war left Congressman Dennis Kucinich is being treated with the same respect he is due on his blood for oil lies under President Bush Pathetic Little Man; because sometimes in life a SuperPower must step up.  You see I didn’t have an issue with a no-fly zone, I have an issue with 2 weeks late and too many dead defenders after this President encouraged them to fight.  You see I don’t believe in following the UN, I believe in America LEADING the UN and the world, because we are exceptional! and as if on cue I see the media is doing its due diligence in trying to protect Obama, with their stories of how the women in his Administration have made him a war President. It is so like those stories of how women saved Lara Logan, so as to take the sting out of the rapes she endured. The media is so disingenuous on this because it shows Obama’s weakness in that those women forced poor little Obama to do what he didn’t want to do What A Fable.  One thing and one thing only was the deciding factor for Barack Hussein Obama and that was that pitiful story by Richard Cohen in the Washington Post This On March 14th And UN Vote On The 16th

In calling for the imposition of a no-fly zone over Libya, various American politicians and others have mixed their historical metaphors to make their point. They cite America’s refusal to stop the genocide in Rwanda and our tardy response to the slaughter of civilians in the Balkans. However, Libya is — or has been — different. This is a civil war of some kind — the people vs. the government. No genocide has been ordered and no genocide has yet been carried out. Libya is not Rwanda. Libya is not the Balkans.

But it could be. And to preclude that possibility it would be productive if the Obama administration got its marbles out of its mouth. Its pronouncements thus far have been all over the lot: Gaddafi must go . . . but not if he really doesn’t want to.

I look forward (not because I want to, but because they will) to the media doing what it can to protect him but I also know that he has now lost Independents on his pathetic spending spree, he lost graduating college students because they cannot find a job and finally he has now lost the anti-war left on his blood for oil.  2012 is ours to retake this Country and get back on a path of sustainability, drilling our own resources and to finally stop playing in the Middle East’s backyard and create our own way.  There needn’t be an America involved in the Middle East within 10 years of 2012, let them kill each other and figure it out and let us DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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