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A White Flag Union Supporter, He Won’t Be The Last

It is always a pleasure to me to see someone from the left “wake-up” to the reality of the insanity of their cause. Unions have for decades collective bargained for benefits and for a majority, pay that is unsustainable without confiscating over 70% of what everyone else makes. Of course that will never happen because We The People will never allow that to happen. The point is that Democrats who continue down this path of rewarding low level city, county, state and federal workers unsustainable benefits will lose at the ballot box. Americans will not sit idly by and watch their government employee neighbors make double what they themselves make, that is not what the draw to government work used to be, it used to be the benefit of keeping a job during a downturn. I submit that the union employees will be as big a drag around Democrat throats as the supposed Wall Street rich are on Republicans (obviously the rich give to both parties, depending upon whom they believe will be in power).

The way I see and this white flag Democrat writer for the Chicago Tribune sees it, this is a losing battle for the Democrats and a winning one for We The People, of course he says Republicans but I know, if we beat back the unions it is a win for us! Battle On My Friends, We Will Be Victorious

But why are Democrats even playing this game?

Public budgets aren’t in distress because of out-of-whack pay scales or overly generous benefit packages — though both need to be reviewed and revised. They’re in distress, primarily, because of a vicious economic downturn — and loss of tax revenue — that was not, repeat not, caused by school teachers or garbage men. They’re in trouble, moreover, because of federal tax cuts and loopholes that favor the rich; because of two major wars being fought with borrowed money; and because of runaway government health care spending that benefits comfortable “providers” every bit as much as sick patients.

This is the strategic high ground that a more capable Democratic general would have seized … and from which the left’s rhetorical forces could attack. But no.

The vibe from the White House is that we ought not blame Wall Street bankers, despite the damage done, lest we slow the recovery and be accused of partisan populism. Better to give massive mortgage fraud a pass and instead busy the FBI and Justice Department on some arcane insider trading scam.

So hit those picket lines, fellow Democrats, and wave your union-made signs. Me? I’ll sit this one out. You’re not wrong to defend union bennies, just naive. Get back to me when the fight shifts to someplace we can win.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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