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Incendiary Device Thrown at 40 Days for Life Activist

40 Days for Life is currently holding vigils for life in many cities across the country. The organization trains and directs volunteers to pray and counsel with women in front of abortion clinics. The volunteers team up to work in shifts during two 40 day campaigns each year. The organization claims to have been successful in saving many babies.

On the early evening of March 17 in Kalispell, Montana an unknown assailant threw an incendiary device at one of the 4o Days for Life activists at a vigil in front of the All Family Health Care abortion center. No one was injured.

According to Karen Trierweiler, coordinator of the 40 Days prayer vigils in Kalispell, the device was thrown at one of the vigil participants, an elderly retired woman, by an unidentified assailant as she walked on the public sidewalk near the abortion facility.

The victim did not see the thrower, nor did she see the device before it exploded on the sidewalk behind her, making a loud popping noise as it burst into flame. The victim was unhurt.

Kalispell is a city of 20,000 known as the gateway to Glacier National Park. It’s not the sort of place you expect firebombings.

According to the Kalispell officer responding to the scene said that the 40 Days prayer vigil participants should expect this kind of reaction if they’re protesting at the abortion business. The matter has been referred to the Helena, Montana FBI field office.

The incident in Kalispell is the first act of significant violence directed against 40 Days participants. There have been incidences where food and soft drink bottles have been thrown towards the pro-lifers.

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