Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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The Professional Left; How Not To Act In A Downturned Economy

I saw a lot of articles yesterday saying how Tennessee wasn’t Wisconsin but just so we are all clear, it doesn’t matter the State, the “professional” left are paid, lock, stock and barrel to be agitators! It Is Very Literally, A Fight For The Country

As one of the demonstrators said, “I see civil disobedience as an obligation that we have when we see injustices in the world.”

Let us be clear, there is NO injustice in asking someone to pay for a small portion of their retirement and their own damn healthcare. It is not American to redistribute the wealth of other Americans to pay for a bunch of organized unions to continue to live fat and happy Trumka Etc. Expect You To Pay For Their Lavish Lifestyles

Do not begin to think that any State is immune to attack from these paid professional agitators, and they are paid to be there. They are bussed in, they are flown in, they are fed, and they are housed, all in the name of keeping the money flowing and POWER complete! These Animals Are Violent And Have A Dying Hand Grasping For Power. As all good Patriotic Americans it is our job to not only stop the gravy train in Washington, DC but the gravy train around the Country. In each and every State of the Union wherever we find statist/marxist/socialist/communist underpinnings at play, We The People A.K.A. The TEA Party will set about to destroy it!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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