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“The Jihad Begins Today”…Religion Of Peace My….

Image courtesy the Nose On Your Face.

At a screening of Indoctrinate U at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, a peace loving (not) Muslim came in to view the documentary film with other college students and was immediately disturbed by, the film? no! the Conservatives? no! the Libertarians? no! heck who are we kidding, he was disturbed by anyone not a Muslim (though there was one Muslim woman who very much disturbed the link) so much so that he started tweeting out his “editorial” on the film. What did he tweet? well, anti-Semitic tweets (so de rigueur for Muslims) , death threat tweets and so much more “I’ve infiltrated a Zionist meeting,”

“I’ve infiltrated a Zionist meeting,” Khan wrote in his first tweet, at 6:04 p.m., shortly after the event began. “I feel like I’m at a Satanist ritual.”

“Oh man, a Muslim girl just appeared,” he wrote in his next post. “I thought, like me, she’s a freedom fighter. Unfortunately, she’s a co-conspirator. Traitor.”

About half an hour into the screening, Khan’s tweets turned violent.

“My blood is boiling,” he wrote at 6:38 p.m. “I want to shoot everyone in this room. I’m frightened, alarmed, and downright pissed. Never been this angry.”

“This experience has hardened me into a soldier for freedom and truth,” Khan wrote about an hour later. He posted his last tweet, about bringing an M16, minutes later.

Yeah, yeah, I know, its just a “few” bad apples in the bunch (when can the liberals stop telling that lie?). It is as Bill Maher said himself, the problem is with the Koran itself Thy Name Is Hypocrisy, but oh my, I guess the media will rather come after me for saying its the Koran because I am a Conservative because they cannot go after their lefty brethren Bill Maher. They cannot even admit the truth to themselves to get to the truth! It is a real shame that left and right cannot at least agree on who the enemy is, because in the end it will be us against them!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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