Rising Fears of Rising Fears


News reports this morning are that amid rising fears of increased meltdown of fuels rods in Japan’s Fukushima  nuclear facility there are rising fears of radiation.

Read that sentence carefully, then pull out your divining rod and try to find a substantive fact anywhere.

This link to the daily (March 17) Yahoo News page is indicative of the rising fear of rising fear method of reporting Japan’s nuclear meltdown. There are 15 related stories, from AP, Reuters, all in the mysterious language of rising fears stating few facts, even fewer from credible on-the-ground sources, and not one even remotely optimistic, except to say everyone is concerned and not yet dead. You’ll find similar stories wherever rising fear-mongers congregate.

At the same time a few credible nuclear scientists and engineers have been able to get to ham radios at undisclosed locations in the Rockies to report that the risk of dangerous levels of radiation being leaked into the atmosphere, i.e, harmful to humans (alas, they didn’t mention polar bears or the melting ice cap) is minimal, less than Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania (1979), where at last report, fewer died there than at Chappaquiddick.

About Three Mile Island this was reported:

In the aftermath of the accident, investigations focused on the amount of radiation released by the accident. According to the American Nuclear Society, using the official radiation emission figures, “The average radiation dose to people living within ten miles of the plant was eight millirem, and no more than 100 millirem to any single individual. Eight millirem is about equal to a chest X-ray, and 100 millirem is about a third of the average background level of radiation received by US residents in a year.”

These hidden scientists say that the radioactive fallout in Japan should be along the order, or even less than, Three Mile Island.

Still, our State Department, no doubt on the advice of the same crack UN  nuclear scientists that found no nuclear weapons in Iraq, and who discovered the original source of global warming (now called something else to throw us off) in the small town of Piltdown, England, has advised all Americans 1) “not to go near” this place in northern Japan where almost no Americans ever go anyway (I waved at Sendai once from my train window on my way to Hakodate). Not go near, mind the strength of this language…not go near…while American media are reporting “on location” about 200 miles away.

At the same time 2) State is urging Americans as far away as Tokyo and Yokohama, (189-200 miles) to pack up and get out, and are even sending charter planes to ferry them to safety. Only amidst all these rising fears there can be no safety, for the original plume of smoke emitted by the plant when it went down…what, 4 days ago?…and still been untested and unreported for radiation, is nearing San Francisco, where there are even more rising fears. Can Butte and Fargo be far behind the icy cold hands of this rising fear? Is there no place these poor American evacuees can run while still in the grip of rising fears from their horrid Japanese experiences? Rest assured, Shep will probably have cameras on hand to cover their jubilant reunion with family around Monday as well. State Department trauma counselors will be standing by.

Law: The rising fear of things going wrong are inversely proportionate to the actual risk of a thing going wrong.

Of course, bad things can still happen in Japan, but nothing so bad as was caused my Mother Nature (aka/Gaia) and not by the hand of man. The Japanese are experts, unlike the hirelings at One UN Plaza, so will do well to keep their own counsel. The people are, well, as you’ve seen yourself, the Japanese people. Gomen nasai.

When this is over the Japanese government will conduct an after-action about the conduct of this administration and the world press. They will take names. If they do, I hope they will call me.

On a lighter note, our personal condolences to Kansas, Ohio State, Duke and Pitt for having been selected by President Obama, or as he is known in the locker room, “O-fer”, as this year’s Final Four. Last year O-fer not only picked all the losers, but was batting a thousand in calling to congratulate teams who made it to No 1 that year, only to see them lose the next game. And in the middle of this great streak Vegas casino owners can only dream about, Chicago managed to drop from second to last place in the Olympics bidding with just a single phone call from O-fer.

It is reported that should the possibly radioactive plume take a sudden southerly turn and take aim at the South American coast, Obama will drop all plans for Carnival in Rio and hasten home to provide an extra shoulder to cry on by all the American evacuees in the grip of rising fears.

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March 17, 2011 7:24 am

Nicely done, Mr B!

They pick and choose what to panic over; a classic ‘look over here’ distraction for the public. Natural disasters can be devastating for those immediately involved; my hat’s off to those 50 Japanese nuke workers who are actually being exposed to some radiation. But the shrieking is selective: Chilean miners, look over here! Major flooding in the American (red state) Southeast, not so much. I’m waiting for Shep to start wailing ‘Where’s FEMA?’ any second now…


March 17, 2011 8:34 am

According to the Libs, and the green envirowackos in particular, never let a good crisis go to waste, even at the expense of exploiting the Japanese people, in a time of a true humanatarian crisis. While the nuke angle is important, there has been far more fear mongering, false reporting, and panic inducing reporting coming out of our press, than any other angle. In this case I’m going to give Hillary a little credit. I don’t agree that AlJazzera is a more credible news reporting agency, but she was correct when she referred to the American news coverage as being… Read more »

redneck hippie
March 17, 2011 11:39 am

Thanks, Vassy, I needed that.

March 17, 2011 11:43 am

And dare we also mention the rising fear of BULLYING?

March 17, 2011 1:48 pm

This early AM in a five minute span, I heard on FOX:

1.) The fifty are on a suicide mission. They know they are going die.

2.) We are now mere hours from this situation growing much worse.

3.) The State Dept has suggested that ALL Americans leave Japan.

4.) This disaster is just one notch below Chernobyl

Talk about your rising fears of risin fears . . . wow.

March 17, 2011 4:15 pm

There was one dude on Fox last night (didn’t catch the name) already calling for Congressional hearings on the nuke situation in this country.

And probably because GE built the Fukushima reactors they will go after GE as well. Or maybe not, since Immelt has a direct pipeline to Obama.

We have one nuke plant near Cleveland and the Fermi nuke plant near Monroe MI with reactors built by GE. Of the rest in the country don’t know how many were built by GE.

You know it’s going to happen..a “manufactured crisis” here as well.

March 18, 2011 11:44 pm

“Fear is the mind killer” from Dune

I’m not interested in the paralyzing fear dish du jour being served today or any other day. It’s counterproductive for good mental health. If I want to indulge in paralytics, I’ll buy a bottle of good tequila.

I’m sorrowful for the Japanese people and what they will have to endure in the coming days and years. They will survive and overcome the loss of loved ones and the nuclear disaster. They will pray, remember and rebuild.

So Vassar, what do you plan on forging with the Arts of Hephaestus?