Illinois Education Innovation-another rant


Here in Lincoln Land, our glorious Governor Pat Quinn continues to tax everything that moves (cigs going up $1/pack, income tax up 66% in the last lame duck), but in a deteriorating economy, the ‘stuff’, as they say, continues to roll downhill to the localities. And yes Virginia, this economy is still tanking, no matter what the nice people on the television say about a recovery; this sure doesn’t look like any recovery to the real people on the ground, the ones who make the country work; that is, when they can find work…

My nearest big locality is Peoria, across the river, and I watch their meanderings from afar, as I only visit there when I have to. They’ve had difficulties over the years with their school district superintendents; going by memory, they’ve had to buy out the last couple of incumbents, paying them off on their contracts when firing them for outright incompetence. I thought perhaps they’d found a good one recently, but this week’s news gives me pause.

The current Superintendent made waves this week in bravely announcing some rather drastic budget cuts; evidently the Quinn largess hasn’t trickled down to the local districts yet. At any rate, she wants to cut staff and close some schools; some parents are outraged, so I was kind of happy seeing her sharpening the pencil and all.

But when you drill down a bit, other garbage becomes visible. Along with the cuts and closings, she wants to give academic credit for ‘advanced’ PE! Not enough for you? How about this: let’s also give credit for study hall! Study hall, for Pete’s sake! I guess when the bucks become scarce, you must cut people and buildings, but by golly, you still have to graduate those students, so let’s hand out some PE and study hall credits and keep on truckin’!

And people wonder why I’m retiring from my cushy Community College teaching gig, where I instruct recent graduates who majored in study hall. Oh well, at least Mr. Quinn is giving me the motivation to finally quit smoking…


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March 17, 2011 9:15 am

Dumbing down of society…your story fits with the recent one of the Dayton, Fl. police passing test scores being lowered because not enough blacks had passed.

It is a travesty what has happened to our educational system in the past 40-50 yrs. Now we know for sure, “Why Johnny can’t read.”

March 17, 2011 9:23 am

Two thumbs up. Why Johnny can’t read, part 22,655.

Brian Hibbert
March 17, 2011 10:38 am

Oh good lord! 7% of ICC’s credit hours are already in the “remedial” category. This will only boost those numbers for the people who get what Walter Williams calls fraudulent diplomas. This can only increase the number of remedial classes needed to get people up to speed in a college environment.