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The “Pay more for gasoline” president

Featured photo courtesy of American Solutions via Gas Buddy. And Bushmills, if you are reading I am harping per your instructions. *smile*

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American Solutions introduced this video today, showing us what President Obama has done to impede the US production of energy. In his own words:

What wouldn’t do a thing to lower gas prices is to open up Florida’s coastline to off-shore drilling….If I thought that by drilling offshore we could solve our problems I’d do it.

Yes, when the price of gasoline goes up, the likelihood of any new hiring goes down.

And remember the “everyone should be inflating their tires to save gas” remark? It’s here. Below are some facts mentioned in the video about our oil and gas reserves from Rep. Paul Ryan (R-MN).

Sixteen billion barrels in Alaska. Two trillion barrels in shale in the inter-mountain west and 85 billion barrels in the outer continental shelf. All off limits.

You can sign the petition “Drill here, drill now, pay less” at American Solutions.

And the House Appropriations Committee began hearings on the energy issue, a few facts and quotes below:

  • Energy exploration on public lands can be shut down anytime by the Bureau of Land Management – costing jobs, millions in costs and fees and cutting off domestic energy resources.

“BLM can designate federal lands as protected during any update of the Resource Management Plan” – Deputy Secretary of the Interior David Hayes, testimony before Senate Appropriations Committee, March 9, 2011.

  • Just because a lease has been approved doesn’t mean it’s been opened for energy exploration.

Q: Senator Blunt – “Just because you’ve given a lease in a resources area doesn’t mean you’ve approved an individual action does it? It’s not the fault of the lease holder they aren’t utilizing leases?

A: Deputy Secretary Hayes – Senator, you’re right – there’s a permit process of course…most leases are dormant, there are not applications to drill…”(Senate Appropriations Committee hearing, March 9, 2011)

It’s clear that the Democrats have no real plans other than their so-called “green energy” of wind and solar which is supposedly to be able to fill our gas tanks. A Gallup poll from March 14 shows an overwhelming number of Americans support offshore drilling and exploration in Alaska.

Even the National Black Chamber of Commerce has become involved, sending a letter to Congress urging them to end the de facto drilling moratorium in the Gulf. Signed by:

  • Offshore Marine Service Association
  • Ship Builders Council of America
  • National Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Louisiana Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Minority Business Enterprise Legal Defense and Education Fund
  • Center for Environment, Commerce, and Energy

If we don’t drill now, how high can it go? A little reminder:

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