Boehner: Listen to the People and Follow Their Will – Bwahahaha


Americans want the insane spending to stop. November 2nd wasn’t for grins. Sure, there were other vital and urgent issues that helped derail the Democrats in the House. Still, the tip of the spear was and is the spending.

Years ago, an openly socialist government professor told me that Americans always vote their pocketbook, first, last and always. She’s right and even the most tone deaf Republican, Cantor? Cantor?, knows it to be true.

So what is going on with the Republicans, nickle-and-diming around on a series of continuing resolutions. . . band-aids to temporarily fund the government? We were promised courageous and bold action and what we are seeing is some sort of strategy towards an end that is, well, what the heck is it? Only the Shadow knows.

I could tolerate this game better if Speaker Boehner would lay it out for we, the people. It’s no doubt some sort of double pinky secret, eyes only plan. Why? The Democrat leadership knew the “game plan” within 24 hours of its creation. People in D.C. talk, doncha know? Seems like the common folk who returned power to the Republicans should be in on the secret.

Instead of line in the sand action, the Speaker gives us a video and we are supposed to feel encouraged. Personally, it made me yawn:

Follow the will of the people, Mr. Speaker? Are you kidding? You don’t trust the people. If you did, you would be honest with them. You would tell them what you are doing and where the line in the sand is, if you really have one.

Here’s the truth. The Democrats do not seem all that worried about a government shut down. They aren’t going to accept big cuts without taking the country to the brink. That puts them at odds with the will of the people made clear in November. Gosh, when you are holding the high cards, why be afraid to call?

Mr Speaker, the House had a little vote today on your latest continuing resolution. A number of your freshman broke with you today. Yes you bought 3 more weeks, but can you do it again?

So now we ask, Speaker Boehner, do you and your leadership team have the guts for a shutdown showdown? If not, get the heck out of the way and let the freshmen conservatives do what the people sent them to Washington to do.

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March 16, 2011 8:47 am

Tex, All this will be resolved in a few short weeks. At some point VERY SOON the incrementalism has to stop, as they will run into the debt ceiling. 4-6 weeks tops. At that time Boehner will be tested. If her’s waiting for a miracle, then heaven help him. If he doesn’t yet know what he would do in a Govt Shutdown, then heaven help him. There are a lot of Dem’s, both of the Cloward-Piven frame of mind, and just good old “let the media sockit to them” frame of mind, who are willing to play that card out.… Read more »

March 16, 2011 11:15 am

All I know, Tex, is that the freshmen have been clued in on it. I know that first hand. I don’t mind a fair amount of cynicism, but Boehner’s job isn’t to please us. He doesn’t work for the American people, or the Republican Party. He works for those 200+ members who elected him. If he screws over a significant number of them, even if they don’t replace him, they will deal with him. But there comes a time when the rhetoric can’t be walked back., Some Monday morning quarterbacks are notorious for screaming bloody hell when he screws up,… Read more »

Mike gamecock DeVine
March 17, 2011 4:37 pm

The problem is not the piecemeal strategy per se. Rather, it is the substance of the pieces they pass and those they give up on, plus the end best result they seek is puny, especially considering that that it is the Dems that are insisting on a shutdown. Therefore, we should up the ante to all we want and then after the shutdown, we will have more room to compromise.