With the Unions, It’s ON!!

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And if you don’t believe me, Just listen to the luminaries of the left like Jessie Jackson or Michael Moore. They’re calling for blood in the streets, though they haven’t yet come right out and said “get a weapon”, their tone and their meaning is clear.

A bigger fish, film director Michael Moore, announced on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” on Wednesday that, “This is war. This is class war,” and that a national walkout of government school students would happen Friday. Jesse Jackson told Fox News that public unions will retain collective bargaining or “you’re going to have it through the streets. People here will fight back because they think their cause is moral.”

And President Obama, the guy the Nobel Committee tossed a Peace Prize to for having been born half black, is utterly silent on the subject now that it’s Ayers & Co in the streets, taking over buildings and making overt death threats to Republicans, and not Tea Parties talking about winning elections and cleaning up after themselves.

We are, of course, talking about the assault by the Right Wing on the “right” of socialist and anarchist unions to forcibly extract cash from taxpayers via a conduit called “union dues” so they can reach an agreement with the Democratic lawmakers that they pass a goodly chunk of aforementioned cash to in return for ever more generous pay, benefits and work rules. Which, of course, comes along with a demand from said toadies for increased taxes to pay for evermore in the way of Democrat defined “services”.

So, here’s Reuters’ take on what happened this week in Wisconsin…

(Reuters) – The Wisconsin state Assembly on Thursday approved sweeping restrictions on public sector unions in a stinging rebuke of the labor movement that critics fear will encourage other states to follow.

After a short debate, the Republican-dominated Assembly voted 53-42 to limit government union bargaining rights to wages only and impose a series of other restrictions. Four Republicans joined Democrats in voting against.

… critics fear will encourage other states to follow.

And supporters of the legislation sincerely hope will encourage ALL states and the government to follow and expand upon to the point of eliminating unions from government at all levels.
To Reuters credit, the do a good job – and I think a very fair one – of laying out what’s really at stake over the next few months and will ABSOLUTELY come to a head next year.

What began a month ago as a Republican effort in one small U.S. state to balance the budget has now turned into a national confrontation with unions that could be the biggest since then President Ronald Reagan fired striking air traffic controllers nearly 30 years ago.
The stakes are high for labor because more than a third of U.S. public employees such as teachers, police and civil service workers belong to unions while only 6.9 percent of private sector workers are unionized. In Wisconsin, 46.6 percent of government workers are union members.

Unions also are the biggest single source of funding for the Democratic party.

OK, got that? Please note, that last line – written by people at Reuters who are certainly less conservative that me – is exactly the reason public employee unions are nothing less than a criminal enterprise.

If Republican Governors – for starters – will stand and fight on this issue they’ll accomplish a couple of very powerful things. First, they’ll discover that the American people will stand behind articulated conservative principle backed by action; second, they’ll watch as the Left alienates the people and probably even the press with both their rhetoric and especially their actions in coming months; and third, they’ll cut the financial underpinnings from beneath the Democratic Party.

Now then, we’ve got to understand that this isn’t a one inning baseball game. It’s not even a nine inning game. It’s a multi-season slugfest. The Left, for all their idiocy and failings, never gives up. We will need to be in this fight for the distance, and “the distance” is well beyond any current horizon.

The next skirmish, now that there’s not much to fight over in Wisconsin – although the lawyers should be showing up on Monday I would guess – is in Indiana, likely followed by Iowa. The unions have access to buses and people who don’t have to show up for work for a living. Oh, and that unwashed mass is funded by your tax dollars. Here’s Reuters on Round 2…

Over 8,000 workers converged on the Indiana statehouse on Thursday to protest proposed legislation they say would weaken unions and public schools.
Most Indiana House Democrats left the state over two weeks ago to avoid giving the majority Republicans the two-thirds quorum needed for a vote on the legislation.
Democrats object to bills they see as anti-worker. Their main targets include a bill that would create a state-wide school voucher system, allowing public funds to pay for private school tuition, and a bill that would prohibit bidders on public works projects from entering into labor agreements, Schorg said. A third bill would mean that public employees don’t have to pay union dues.

Read the whole thing, Reuters is doing a good job of reporting on the issues at hand and, at least in my opinion, a good job of reporting the facts related to the positions of the parties.

Note the money paragraph. School vouchers – private/charter schools are seldom union; allowing non-union construction workers, saving millions; and eliminating “mandatory” union dues, again cutting unions and Democrats off at the purse.

A word of caution here folks. So far things have been very quiet, at least in terms of the history of the Left. They will not stay that way. If the Left continues to lose, you will see violence escalate and escalate rapidly. The fact that serious death threats are being made both publically and by public figures is significant. The real frightening thing is that the President hasn’t uttered one word in an attempt to calm down his base and in fact, it’s HIS campaign organization “Organizing for America” who are at the forefront organizing and leading these demonstrations. It won’t be long before Barack brings Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn out of retirement.

4 responses to With the Unions, It’s ON!!

  1. speciallist March 12th, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    awesome post…that picture cracks me UP

  2. P. Smith March 12th, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    One thing the Republicans do not do well. They do not articulated their positions. The Democrats have had them beat for decades. They are use to playing defense not offense. It’s time they start listening to radio host and Constitutional lawyer Mark Levin if they want to get their message out. He pulls no punches and calls out both sides. He was brutual on Boehner and Cantor yesterday.

    Good post. I agree this will be a long slug fest but ONLY if the non-union taxpayers stand up and say NO to recalls, NO to riotous behavior, and I heard today on Twitter that a Police Dir was threatening businesses in Wisconsin that back Governor Walker. Stand up taxpayer, stand up businesses. I wonder if RICO laws would pertain to his threats.

  3. Brian Hibbert March 12th, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Class war huh? Can’t that fat fellow figure out that anyone who makes $millions in the film industry isn’t considered part of the proletariat any more?

  4. nessa March 13th, 2011 at 2:55 pm

    What began a month ago as a Republican effort in one small U.S. state to balance the budget has now turned into a national confrontation with unions that could be the biggest since then President Ronald Reagan fired striking air traffic controllers nearly 30 years ago.

    If the left had dealt with that one small effort in a civilized fashion it likely would have faltered and failed. Republicans are good at that too, look at our wonderful Senate filled with Mavericks and RINOs. When have you ever seen M(B)itch McConnell stand his ground? The “Brave Sir Robin” of the Senate.

    They did this to themselves and I thank them for it. We won’t be successful everywhere but far, far more people are on America’s side because of their actions.

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