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Quick News Hits for 3-11-10

A European’s Warning to America by Daniel Hannan
The perils of following us toward greater regulation, higher taxes and centralized power.

I don’t doubt the sincerity of those Americans who want to copy the European model. A few may be snobs who wear their euro-enthusiasm as a badge of sophistication. But most genuinely believe that making their country less American and more like the rest of the world would make it more comfortable and peaceable.

All right, growth would be slower, but the quality of life might improve. All right, taxes would be higher, but workers need no longer fear sickness or unemployment. All right, the U.S. would no longer be the world’s superpower, but perhaps that would make it more popular. Is a European future truly so terrible?

Yes. I have been an elected member of the European Parliament for 11 years. I have seen firsthand what the European political model means.

Bill Clinton: Offshore Drilling Delays ‘Ridiculous’:

“Bush said all the things you’d expect him to say” on oil and gas issues, said Jim Noe, senior vice president at Hercules Offshore and executive director of the pro-drilling Shallow Water Energy Security Coalition. But Clinton added, “You’d be surprised to know that I agree with all that,” according to Noe and others attending the conference who talked to Politico.

Growing number of waivers a GOP rallying cry for healthcare repeal:

(Republicans) say the large number of waivers granted so far — 1,040 as of Thursday — is proof that the law is unworkable and should be repealed.

“The fact that over 1,000 waivers have been granted is a tacit admission that the healthcare law is fundamentally flawed,” said House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.), one of two House chairmen using their oversight powers to probe the waivers.

Happily ensconced in the reddest part of Tennessee, the Northeast corner. Chemical industry worker. I may be a walk-on in the war against liberalism, but to quote Pink Floyd, I won't exchange a walk-on part in the war for a lead role in a cage. And a cage is what liberalism is to me.


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