Quannell X, Black Panther Leader: That 11 Year Old Hispanic Girl Deserved It

Posted by on March 12, 2011 9:58 am
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It appears that not only do the Black Panthers like to keep people from voting in Philadelphia Its OK They Are Eric Holder’s People, they defend rape against an 11 year old Hispanic girl by Black youths Really, Quannell? This Is Where You Make Your Stand?

Racial divisions have surfaced in the town of Cleveland, 40 miles north of Houston, ever since last Thanksgiving’s alleged gang rape of an 11-year old Hispanic girl.

Most of the 17 suspects accused of sexually assaulting the preteen girl are black. And on Thursday night, community activist Quanell X hosted a rally there.

With some of the defendants’ parents standing next to him on stage, the activist took up a collection for their legal expenses from the largely African-American crowd.

While a few of those accused have admitted their guilt, he says others are probably innocent.

“She lives in another community,” Quanell X told the gathering. “You mean to tell me the only men that had sex with that girl were black men, locked up in that jail?”

The activist cast blame on the parents of the alleged victim, whom some describe as a willing participant in the sexual activity, at least initially.

He also took to task the elders in Cleveland’s black community for failing to guide the younger generation

SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! It doesn’t matter the color of one’s skin when an atrocity has been committed. It is as Americans that we stand up and denounce horror’s such as was done to that girl in Houston, TX. There are no excuses for rape, there are no Black, White, Hispanic, Asians etc., there are only human beings.

Where is the National Organization for Women? Where is Al Sharpton to defend his new paying brethren, the Hispanic Coalition? If You Pay His Way, He Will Come. It is not as if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have defended Blacks in California who are dying in street battles with Mexican gangs, oh no, that is too messy Al, Oh Al, Where Are You

Federal and Los Angeles county prosecutors have spent the past couple of years successfully charging Los Angeles-area Latino gangs with targeting African-Americans in an effort to drive them out of neighborhoods they claim. All of those gangs have direct connections to the Mexican Mafia, and no less an authority on racist groups than the Southern Poverty Law Center reported the Mafia has ordered their street-level associates to intimidate African-Americans at all times.

It is unfortunate that there is no money to be made for taking on the cause of Blacks dying from Mexican street gangs in California because surely they have needed a voice for a long time. This is not new and the rallying cry for the race pimps should have been that nice young man who was killed by an illegal in 2008, Jamiel Shaw No Justice for Jamiel, Sadly they of course passed on that. When the Black Community wakes up to the fraudsters who speak in their name and denies them that privilege, there will be justice for all.

8 responses to Quannell X, Black Panther Leader: That 11 Year Old Hispanic Girl Deserved It

  1. LadyImpactOhio March 12th, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    Quannell is the same dude who caused all that trouble in Houston on last election day at one of the polling stations. I was on the phone with Catherine Engelbrecht, leader of the Texas poll watchers when we were interrupted by that crisis.

    Thanks Jaded, for letting us know he’s into other atrocities as well as I missed this story.

  2. Pamela March 12th, 2011 at 5:42 pm

    She deserved to get gang raped because she was Hispanic..

    Quannell please be advised a dose reality will pay you a visit for your cruelty and arrogance.

    For the Love of God, shame on you.

    • JadedByPolitics March 12th, 2011 at 7:31 pm

      The shame belongs on the race hustlers who stand by in silence. Jesse and Al should be screaming from the mountain tops that they stand in solidarity with the rape victim instead we get silence, the same with NOW who hasn’t been for women since the 70s!

  3. Queen Hotchibobo May 12th, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    Thanks for bringing this. I had already developed a contempt for the Black Panthers, and I’m pleased to see that contempt is not misplaced. They deserve it all and more.

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