Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) is among the senators trying to recruit Joe Scarborough to run against Bill Nelson in Florida. Let’s forget for a moment the rumors about Scarborough’s hard partying lifestyle when he was in the US House. Let’s forget for a moment that Scarborough left his US House seat in a rush about the same time his wife divorced him. Let’s forget that Joe Scarborough is an enabler of Democrat Party nutbags who works for MS-NBC, the media arm of the far left wing of the Democrat Party*. Let’s forget that an aide of Joe Scarborough’s died under somewhat suspicious circumstances in his Fort Walton Beach office. Let’s forget that Scarborough had the chance to challenge Bill Nelson in 2005 and decided not to run. Why did he stop then? Surely not because he thought he would win too easily! But forget all that.


Why should we forget all that? Democrats won’t forget or forgive. Scarborough will get painted by the press including his current employer as a wobbly Republican, a critic of Republican Presidential candidates, and a moral reprobate.

Let’s review what happened last election cycle in the Florida Senate race.

  • Marco Rubio declared he would run for Senate.
  • Then Cornyn and NRSC announced they would support Charlie Crist, of the very strange private life and citrus-colored suntan.
  • Rubio came on like gangbusters and beat Crist in the primary.
  • Crist switched parties and ran in the general election as an Independent while hinting he would caucus with Democrats.
  • Rubio kicked him all over the map again.
  • Hello Senator Marco Rubio!

Why, after being embarrassed by his early support for Charlie Crist, who turned out to be a Democrat in disguise, is Cornyn recruiting yet another bad candidate in Florida? Nelson isn’t even all that bad for a Democrat. If we’re going to have one left in the Senate he’d be the one to leave. So why do we have to run our own terrible candidate against the Democrats’ borderline-terrible candidate?

Joe Scarborough looks good at the 2008 DNC Convention. Don't you think? Let's keep him diong what he's doing, the toothless pet conservative at the MSNBC liberal petting zoo. Image courtesy wikimedia. Click to follow.

Here is a thought. How about we run a conservative Republican against Nelson, instead of a scandal-damaged goofball like Scarborough? Assuming he is Republican, maybe Judge Vinson could be recruited. He might even apply some of his vast knowledge of the Constitution to the actual drafting of legislation that adheres to it, rather than violating it at every step.


* Please forgive the weird metaphor. It’s casual Friday.

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