Public Union Workers LOOK AT JAPAN!


Public Union Workers for the Lord’s Sake Look at Japan!!!


Late last night I saw the beginning coverage of the devastating 8.9 earthquake in Japan. Walls of water flowing at estimated 500 mph toward shore only slowing because it hit land. The water continued to travel at 30-50 mph taking with it cars, homes, building, fields, and precious lives. Watching cars float away with windshield wipers running makes your heart pound knowing there was someone in the vehicle that could not escape the ruination. Roads are split in half, fires raging at fuel depots, radiation that is leaking from their nuclear power plants, and people unaccounted for. In the mist of that, what do we have?

We have public union workers raging like children in a grocery store because they didn’t get what they wanted. We’ve all seen it. The child wants the candy, the toy, whatever it is and mom says “sorry honey we don’t have enough money, maybe next time.” The child throws the tantrum because the only thing that matters is THEM. The only thing that matters is what THEY WANT. They roll and the floor screaming as other shoppers pass by and wondering why the parent isn’t taking control of the unruly child. The parent is frustrated trying purchase food for their family and having to deal petulant family member. There’s one saving grace. IT’S A CHILD. Learning curve coming and maybe with a swat on the behind. Enter the children in adult bodies – union workers.

This author has been observing Wisconsin union workers rage for weeks now. They have only one thing on their mind. I WANT MY WAY. If I have to break down doors, break out windows, assault members of the media, lie to my superiors (calling in sick), obtaining fraudulent doctors slips, coercing my students to take my part, and making death threats to representatives disagreeing with me, that’s exactly what I will do to get it.

The “civility” called for by the President, just a few short weeks ago, was short lived and certainly not re-visited by Mr. Obama. After all, these people are his base and the 2012 election is coming up. Is this man the President of all citizens or only those who agree and support him. Well, it doesn’t take much to come to your conclusion.

In this author’s opinion the union workers have become the pawns of union bosses. They may be hard-working citizens but they are not the ONLY working people in this nation. It is the “other” non-union workers that are paying the bills. We, in fact, are THEIR EMPLOYERS. Watching ungrateful teachers, police, and fireman who join paid union rioters is dismaying. Do they know who they are standing with? Tables set up for Communist USA Party and the Socialist Party, among others, were at these so called rallies. REALLY!? Is that who your are teachers? Is that who you are first responders. Be very careful your image is being tarnished and tarnished by YOU.

It’s time to stop the immature attitudes and look at Japan. Can you truly say to any of us, you have it so bad? You still have your lives, families, homes, and paychecks. Do you really think we give one damn about you losing collective bargaining rights that ends up raising our taxes, in light of the misery in Japan? LOOK AT JAPAN! For Lord’s sake LOOK AT JAPAN. Reasonable people can think this through. Bargaining for pay is still available but you didn’t lose anything you already have. LOOK AT JAPAN and be thankful you have your paycheck, your family and a place to lay your head tonight. Quit rolling in the streets, whining and throwing tantrums. It’s unseemly, contemptible, and gaining no respect from the everyday hard-working non-union taxpayer. We’ve had it with your tantrums! Get over it and be THANKFUL! GROW UP!!! Will the responsible adults PLEASE enter the room?

I leave you with a scripture from the New Testament in the Gospel of Luke. Please note the Lord is KIND to the UNGRATEFUL and EVIL. I find it very ironic that ungratefulness and evil is something that HE looks upon as reprehensible and share the same sentence:

Luke 6:35 (NIV)
35 But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.

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March 11, 2011 6:31 pm

It is always about keeping things in perspective. Americans, even our poorest among us, have a standard of living far greater than half of the world’s population. It is actually having so much that causes us to cling to the idea of “getting” more and more. It is when we are truly without that we appreciate what little we have, and are motivated to improve our lot in life. Loss of life and all that one holds dear is the true grief here, not to be compared or confused with disappointment of not getting one’s way. This also reminds me… Read more »

March 11, 2011 7:45 pm

Again, P.Smith, bang on point. So many of those in the Middle East not only lack freedom, they lack many of what we consider the absolute basics for our existence, and that includes enough food to feed their families. I surely didn’t see so much as one gaunt union member out on the streets in WI demonstrating, did you? My four year old grandson pulls that crying behavior when we won’t give into to his pleading to take him to the store and buy him a toy. And I really love him. If I won’t give into the tears and… Read more »

March 11, 2011 7:55 pm

Hey PSmith. You are 2 for 2. Thanks for bringing your talent here. I so enjoy good spot on writing.