Top 4 reasons Liberals hate the WI law


Number 1: They are going to make it a Lean, Mean, Cost-sharing Healthcare machine. Let start on Page 31-33..

SECTION 99. 49.45 AUTHORIZATION FOR MODIFICATIONS TO PROGRAMS; STUDY. (a) In this subsection, ‘Medical Assistance program’ includes any program operated under this subchapter, demonstration program operated under 42 USC 1315, and program operated under a waiver of federal law relating to medical assistance that is granted by the federal department of health and human services.

(b) The department shall study potential changes to the Medical Assistance state plan and to waivers of federal law relating to medical assistance obtained from the federal department of health and human services for all of the following purposes:

1. Increasing the cost effectiveness and efficiency of care and the care delivery system
for Medical Assistance programs.
2. Limiting switching from private health insurance to Medical Assistance programs.
3. Ensuring the long-term viability and sustainability of Medical Assistance programs.
4. Advancing the accuracy and reliability of eligibility for Medical Assistance programs and claims determinations and payments.
5. Improving the health status of individuals who receive benefits under a Medical Assistance program.
6. Aligning Medical Assistance program benefit recipient and service provider incentives with health care outcomes.
7. Supporting responsibility and choice of medical assistance recipients.

(c) If the department determines, as a result of the study under par. (b), that revision of existing statutes or rules would be necessary to advance a purpose described in par. (b)

1. to 7., the department may promulgate rules that do any of the following related to Medical Assistance programs:
1. Require cost sharing from program benefit recipients up to the maximum allowed by federal law or a waiver of federal law.
2. Authorize providers to deny care or services if a program benefit recipient is unable to share costs, to the extent allowed by federal law or waiver.
3. Modify existing benefits or establish various benefit packages and offer different packages to different groups of recipients.
4. Revise provider reimbursement models for particular services.
5. Mandate that program benefit recipients enroll in managed care.
6. Restrict or eliminate presumptive eligibility.
7. To the extent permitted by federal law, impose restrictions on providing benefits to individuals who are not citizens of the United States.

8. Set standards for establishing and verifying eligibility requirements.
9. Develop standards and methodologies to assure accurate eligibility determinations and redetermine continuing eligibility.
10. Reduce income levels for purposes of determining eligibility to the extent allowed by federal law or waiver and subject to the limitations under par. (e) 2.

Wow. This is Golden. They are going to attack fraud, require more cost-sharing, create incentives based on outcome and my favorite…strict eligibility requirements, especially for illegal aliens.

Number 2: Let’s go to Page 58:

66.0518 Defined benefit pension plans. A local governmental unit, as defined in s. 66.0131 (1) (a), may not establish a defined benefit pension plan for its employees unless the plan requires the employees to pay half of all actuarially required contributions for funding benefits under the plan and prohibits the local governmental unit from paying on behalf of an employee any of the employees share of the actuarially required contributions.

Increased contributions for pension benefits…Libs hate that stuff.

Number 3: On to the all-time head-poppinest Page 81…

111.70 (4) (L) Strikes prohibited. Except as authorized under par. (cm) 5. and 6. c., nothing Nothing contained in this subchapter constitutes a grant of the right to strike by any municipal employee or labor organization, and such strikes are hereby expressly prohibited.

Right to Strike Repealed.

Also Page 81..

111.70 (4) (mb) Prohibited subjects of bargaining; general municipal employees.


Number 4: Page 112, and the Big Kahuna…

230.34 (1) (ax) 1. Notwithstanding pars. (a), (am), and (ar), during a state of emergency declared by the governor under s. 323.10, an appointing authority may discharge any employee who does any of the following:

b. Participates in a strike, work stoppage, sit-down, stay-in, slowdown, or other concerted activities to interrupt the operations or services of state government, including specifically participation in purported mass resignations or sick calls.

So if you strike or collect Fake sick-notes, you will be fired. Excellent.

Keep at it Scott Walker. When they hate you like this, you know you’re doing it right.

Now I’m hearing the protesters are going to try to prevent the Wisconsin state assembly from passing the senate’s bill by locking themselves in the capital. Sounds like a Kodak moment to me.

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Ron Robinson
March 10, 2011 5:12 am

Number Five: conservative video of union antics on Thursday.

March 10, 2011 8:32 am

Sounds to me like it may be time to call in the national guard to protect the Capitol building since the security has abandoned their jobs. Bring the water cannons, looks like they could use a shower, starting with Michael Moore.

March 10, 2011 9:34 am

That this is being played out in Madison, Wisconsin, long a bastion of left-wing ideology and oft-times violent anti-authoritarian plotting should be a bellweather. If sanity and respect for law prevail there, there may be hope for purplish states.