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WI Dems finally present ransom demands

Yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller finally presented a ransom letter to Sen. Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. In the letter, the Dems finally gave the price for their continued resumption of their duly elected responsibilities: First, Gov. Walker will have to come alone, in an unmarked vehicle to a phone booth on the IL border…

Well, no, it wasn’t quite that ludicrous. But it was close.

Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller (D-Monona) said in a letter sent out Monday that he wants to meet with Republicans “near the Wisconsin-Illinois border to formally resume serious discussions” on Walker’s budget repair bill. Two other Democratic senators met with Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) last week in Kenosha.

Democrats have been holed up south of the state line since last month to block action on Walker’s budget repair bill, which would end most collective bargaining for public employee unions in the state.

“I assure you that Democratic state senators, despite our differences and the vigorous debate we have had, remain ready and willing to find a reasonable compromise,” Miller said in the letter.

Fortunately for the sanity of the American people, Sen. Fitzgerald responded appropriately. It does appear that the Republicans in WI are capable of maintaining their dignity and sense of purpose in the face of petulant, childish tempter-tantrums on the part of their colleagues across the aisle. And a good thing it is for WI. If they had relented, we would have a state governed by cartoon characters and wet noodles.

March 7, 2011

Sen. Mark Miller
Parts Unknown, IL (Heh. Don’t you love the address?)

Dear Senator Miller,

Thank you for your hand-delivered letter with an offer to meet, in Illinois, about the business and future direction of Wisconsin.

Let’s set aside how bizarre that is for a moment.

As you know, this legislation is designed to finally balance the state budget, prevent layoffs and create jobs in the real world. There are hundreds of thousands of unemployed or underemployed Wisconsinites, and at least 1,500 more whose jobs are in the balance because of your media stunt. We all deserve better than this.

In the meantime, members of your caucus have been meeting with the governor’s staff, talking to the media, trying to find a way back to Madison, and contradicting your message in public. In case you don’t remember, you were present yourself at one of those meetings with the governor’s staff. Your grasp of reality, and control of your caucus as minority leader, continues to amaze me.

As you know, your opportunity to compromise and amend the bill was on the floor of the state Senate. As you know, you forfeited that right and opportunity when you decided to flee the state instead of doing your job.

Your stubbornness in trying to ignore the last election and protect the broken status quo is truly shameful. While we wait for you and your colleagues to finally show up, Senate Republicans continue to stand ready to do the job we were elected to do, here in Wisconsin. I hope you are enjoying your vacation, and your vacation from reality.


Scott Fitzgerald

Senate Majority Leader

CC: Governor Scott Walker

And a quick tip of the hat to Jim Geraghty and his Morning Jolt. If you’re not getting this free email, you are missing out.

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