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Gov. Daniels Joins Gov. Walker on the Legislative Hot Seat

Twenty thousand fans and supporters of Gov. Daniels’ legislative agenda are expected to make their way to the statehouse on March 10. I don’t think that they’ll be sporting bonnets with dangling tea bags, however. Nor would I expect the good governor to blow them any kisses from the portico.

You do have to admire the leadership ability on display from Indiana’s AFL-CIO President, Nancy Guyott:

There’s an anti-worker agenda being pushed through this legislature, make no mistake about it. Only by standing up and fighting against these attacks will we be able to protect working Hoosiers.

As for the 32 Indiana fleebaggers, State Representative Terry Goodin says,

We will stay out as long as it takes.

The governor, for his part, promises to hold a special session until the New Year, if necessary. In addition, Daniels tells fleebaggers not to make any plans for getting away this summer.

As the revered Ronaldus Maximus was wont to say, “there they go again”

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